june 30 – july 3, 2017

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Volunteering at Priceless.

Why is it Priceless? Because it’s an event that’s bigger than money. Everyone on the Priceless team is a volunteer; none of us make a penny off the event. We do it because we love it, and we do it for you, our community.

Every year, we have hundreds of volunteer shifts that need to be filled to make Priceless happen. We will be offering a limited number of volunteer slots to those who are willing to commit to taking on several shifts (though you don’t need to be an official volunteer to donate your time and energy to the event!).

If you do want to request a volunteer slot, the information below will explain what you need to know:

  1. Volunteers are eligible to attend the event in a “pay-what-you-can” donation-based capacity.*
  2. In exchange, you are committing to working 3 volunteer shifts on site and to stay through the end of strike** on the final day. (There are a limited number of pre- and post-event volunteer shifts available each year as well.)
  3. Volunteer shifts are generally 2-3 hours each. Shift sign-ups will be available starting mid-May and you will receive instructions on how to do choose your shifts when they are ready. (To be clear, a single volunteer will be asked to work approx. 6-9 hours plus strike.)
  4. Volunteer tasks range from things like sitting at the front gate to direct traffic and answer questions; helping prepare, serve or clean-up brunch; ensuring the porta-potties are stocked with TP; helping with decorations, etc.
  5. Volunteers will be asked to attend a volunteer orientation prior to the event and to possibly have a brief meeting on-site the first full day of the event.
  6. Volunteers are not exempt from any on-site parking fees.
  7. We tend to run out of volunteer slots very quickly. Please do not request to be a volunteer if you are uncertain if you are willing/able to commit to the agreements above.

More information about volunteering will be made available in mid-to-late May, including how and when to sign up for shifts, how and when to arrange for your donation as well as heaps of thanks and context for your role as part of the backbone of Priceless!

*Pay What You Can donations

We recognize that, though we do everything we can to keep the cost of tickets as low as possible, ticket prices are sometimes higher than some people are able to comfortably afford. Those who wish to commit to donating their time to help run the event are eligible to attend the event in a ‘pay what you can’ donation-based capacity. This means we will accept any amount from $0 – $what you are able to pay. We simply ask that each person consider that the event does cost us a fixed amount of money per person to produce and to consider what amount feels reasonable to them given their ability and contribution to the event. This amount is left up to you to decide and there is no judgment placed on the amount you offer.


Strike, for those of you who don’t know, is when we break down all the areas of the event and pack it back into the truck. This year Strike takes place on Sunday, July 5th. It generally lasts from around noon until 5-6pm. Volunteers are expected to stay until the Strike Lead or Volunteer Lead says you’re not needed any longer. Strike is a crucial part of the volunteer process. We do our best to get people out as early as possible and we’ve been getting faster and faster every year because of everyone’s help!

To request a spot on the volunteer team, send an email to: volunteer.priceless [at ] false-profit [dot] com with your name, phone number and confirmation that you are on board with the above guidelines. Please also indicate if you want/need to attend in a donation-based capacity or if you will be purchasing your own ticket and just want to help out where needed.

Thank you!

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