june 30 – july 3, 2017

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Tix Needed

Priceless is sold out. HOWEVER, often times people who bought tickets end up not being able to go! Sometimes they don’t even find that out till the last minute, and lots of tickets can change hands right before the event. So we created this page to help you get tickets to where they need to go.


Priceless is thrown by a dedicated group of volunteers as part of False Profit, Inc. — a 501(c)3 nonprofit. We do everything we can to bring you the best event we can manage while still keeping prices low and in range of our broader community. If you resell a ticket above cost, you are making a profit off the unpaid volunteer efforts of people who are doing it for the love. We think that is kind of messed up.

If you have tickets that you are unable to use, please behave in accordance with the spirit of the event by reselling them at cost to another member of the community.

Priceless tickets cost $219+fees. Onsite parking passes cost $200+fees. Meal plans cost $79+fees ($52+fees for kids). Buying tickets above cost on the secondary market keeps the scalpers in business and rewards people for said behavior. If someone attempts to sell you a ticket above cost, please report them to priceless [at] false-profit [dot] com

IF YOU NEED A TICKET: Post a very short message in the comments below. If you log in using your facebook ID, that will allow ticketholders to contact you. If you get a ticket, consider adding an “all set” comment to your original post, so people will no longer contact you.

IF YOU HAVE A TICKET: Contact the commenters directly and work out a deal.Β You will make someone’s day!

NOTE: False Profit does not moderate this page, and cannot vouch for any ticket exchanged here, nor will we be releasing additional tickets. This forum is provided purely as a space for you, so as with Craigslist and other online marketplaces, caveat emptor.

Thanks for downloading!