june 30 – july 3, 2017

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Tix Needed

Priceless is sold out. HOWEVER, often times people who bought tickets end up not being able to go! Sometimes they don’t even find that out till the last minute, and lots of tickets can change hands right before the event. So we created this page to help you get tickets to where they need to go.


Priceless is thrown by a dedicated group of volunteers as part of False Profit, Inc. — a 501(c)3 nonprofit. We do everything we can to bring you the best event we can manage while still keeping prices low and in range of our broader community. If you resell a ticket above cost, you are making a profit off the unpaid volunteer efforts of people who are doing it for the love. We think that is kind of messed up.

If you have tickets that you are unable to use, please behave in accordance with the spirit of the event by reselling them at cost to another member of the community.

Priceless tickets cost $219+fees. Onsite parking passes cost $200+fees. Meal plans cost $79+fees ($52+fees for kids). Buying tickets above cost on the secondary market keeps the scalpers in business and rewards people for said behavior. If someone attempts to sell you a ticket above cost, please report them to priceless [at] false-profit [dot] com

IF YOU NEED A TICKET: Post a very short message in the comments below. If you log in using your facebook ID, that will allow ticketholders to contact you. If you get a ticket, consider adding an “all set” comment to your original post, so people will no longer contact you.

IF YOU HAVE A TICKET: Contact the commenters directly and work out a deal.Β You will make someone’s day!

NOTE: False Profit does not moderate this page, and cannot vouch for any ticket exchanged here, nor will we be releasing additional tickets. This forum is provided purely as a space for you, so as with Craigslist and other online marketplaces, caveat emptor.

  • Akash Vaswani

    Hey, looking for one or two tickets. Thanks in advance!

  • Oak Landis

    Looking for 2 tickets

  • Princess Truffles

    Looking for 2 tickets! I wanna boogie by the river too, so hit me up if things aren’t gonna work out for you? Thanks in advance

  • L

    I have 2 priceless tickets plus 1 on-site parking pass in priceless ticket to sell at cost for 663$ including fees obo. It turns out I can’t go because I came up for a breeding round and have a puppy on the way! If you are interested please post here I will be checking back.

  • L

    If you are still looking let me know a good contact info, I have 2 tickets to sell.

  • Eva Leapin’ Lygress

    I would love to buy these tickets! My twin flame and I finally found each other and wanna go celebrate at Priceless! I’m in grad school and Hakomi weekend training and this is the only festie I can attend this summer- have always wanted to go and reaaaaally wanna go with my beloved! Lmk here or text me at 510-368-4531. Thanks!

  • Eva Leapin’ Lygress

    I would love to buy two tickets! My twin flame and I finally found
    each other and wanna go celebrate at Priceless! I’m in grad school and
    Hakomi weekend training and this is the only festie I can attend this
    summer- have always wanted to go and reaaaaally wanna go with my
    beloved! Lmk here or text me at 510-368-4531. Thanks!

  • Eva Leapin’ Lygress

    Also wondering if you’re open to selling just the two tickets without the onsite parking pass? We’re open either way, just curious. Thanks and blessings!

  • Mik

    Would love two tickets, pleaseee let me know!

  • Mik

    please post phone number or contact info if you’re selling, thanks!!

  • hackmancoltaire

    I could use a single ticket.

  • Croft

    I would buy one ticket

  • Emily Huh

    I’m selling two tickets with meal plans. Please text or call me at 425-830-7743. Thanks!

  • Emily Huh

    Hi Mik – if you’re still looking for tickets, I’ve got two tickets with meal plans that I’m selling. You can call or text me at 425-830-7743. Thanks!

  • Email Nymton

    Also looking for two tickets! Thanks much 4157350138

  • Mik

    Stilllllllllll loooking!!!

  • Kelly Hering

    Looking for two tickets! 9083704749

  • Lioness

    Hi there! Looking for 2-3 tickets. Three of my besties that live far away just got time off and are really excited to go. Thanks in advance! 415-969-7989.

  • Lioness

    Hi, I’m interested if these are still available. 415-969-7989. Thanks in advance!

  • Camille Terrier

    Hi there ! Would you still have 1 ticket available ? Thanks ! Camille

  • Camille Terrier

    Hi everyone ! I am looking for 1ticket ! Thanks !

  • Charles Lee

    Hello! Looking for 1 ticket, please – thanks! 408.726.5012

  • Mik

    I love you dear stranger, unknown friend.
    I’m hopeful to make it to priceless this year!
    Pls let me buy 2 tickets, and I’ll mail you cookies or a cool book or something as well as full price in your fiat money or obscure dogecoin of choice! Many thanks <3
    please give me a hoot, my # is (2 x 2 x 2 x 5 x 7 x 7 x 11 x 373649) + 7

  • Chris Hector

    Looking for one ticket for a friend! please let me know, maybe in addition to paying for it give you a ride up? Lemme know! 408.859.9570

  • Megan Dittmann

    Looking for one or two tickets! Xo

  • Rob West

    i need two tickets! please let me know if you have extras, i promise to use them well and to their fullest πŸ™‚

  • Katie Vo

    Hello. I’m selling 1 OnSite Parking Pass for $200.

  • Todd Le Brun

    Hello! I am looking for two tickets plus a car pass please. πŸ™‚

  • David Shamanik

    I have one ticket for you. $219

  • David Shamanik

    I have one ticket, call me.


  • Jonathan Mayer

    I am hunting a ticket! Please let me know if you can let one go.

  • Camille Terrier

    Hi David, that’s great, thanks a lot ! I take it if you still have it !

  • TJ Wilkason

    Hi, looking for one ticket!

  • Conor Savage O’Brien

    Hello! I unfortunately can’t go so I’m selling two tickets for their purchase price.

  • Jennifer Matthys

    I’m looking for one ticket and car pass.

  • Brandon Ancier

    Looking for 2 tickets… pleeeze

  • Brandon Ancier

    Are these still available?

  • Conor Savage O’Brien

    Yes! Let me know your email and I will discuss details.

  • Brandon Ancier

    Amazing…. you are a legend. I live in Richmond District SF, and will totally hook you up with something special if my gf and I can get them. [email protected]

  • Annie Rasser

    Hello all! I am looking for 2 tickets and will love you forever if you have any free ones to sell me!

  • Kenneth Ellis

    Howdy! Looking for two tickets please. πŸ™‚

  • Katie Vo

    Hello friends! I’m selling 1 onsite parking pass for $200. Please contact me if you’re interested.


    looking for 2 tix please

  • Brandon Ancier

    Looking for 2 tickets and willing to pay full price and my girlfriend and I will cook you a homemade meal.. Brazilian food, Indonesia Food, or Fish are our specialities.

  • Faye Mitchell

    We’re looking for 2 tickets. We live in Berkeley. Happy to offer a handsome price right away;

  • Sparr Risher

    I would love to attend for the first time and am in need of a single ticket. I am in SF and would also be happy to share a carpool.

  • Chris Hector

    Still looking for a ticket!

  • Brent

    Still need 2?

  • Rob West

    I do! message me direct?

  • Rob West

    number added

  • Daniel Peixoto Irby

    Hey lovers. I have *one* ticket to sell at cost ($227.66). You should be able to reply to me through this post.

  • TJ Wilkason

    Hi, is this still available? I’m interested!

  • Daniel Peixoto Irby

    Yes! Are you in the Bay Area? I’m in Oakland. Otherwise, are you okay Paypaling and I can email you the pdf?

  • TJ Wilkason

    Fantastic! I’m on the peninsula, but I’m also fine with Paypal and email. My email is [email protected].

  • Kansas Simmons

    Hi there! In need of two tickets & willing to pay more than face value. <3

  • Kansas Simmons

    Located in SF!

  • Kenneth Webb

    Looking for 1 ticket. Happy to pay via PayPal or Venmo any time. Please reply here or shoot me an email directly at silverwebb(AT)gmail…(you know the rest). Thanks!

  • atomicjim

    Hello friends! I just managed to snag one ticket from a friend, but need one more for my GF. Please let me know if you have or hear of any. Thanks!

  • DevOpsJon

    Hey looking for 1 ticket! Can Pay online or in person. 415-519-9002

  • Me-chan

    Hello! Looking for one Priceless ticket! Pretty please, meow. Plz 2 msg me at three.two.three.two.oh.six.six.three.seven.two. ~ Mercedes

  • zestos

    Hi there, we have two tickets with meal plans and are located in SF. Interested?

  • zestos

    Face value, [email protected]

  • zestos

    I have two tickets with meal plans for sale at face value. Email me: zestos at gmail dot com.

  • Kenneth Ellis

    All set!

  • Guest

    Hi, friends! Seeking two tickets. Located in SF. Please email me at [email protected]

    Thank you!

  • Travis Michael

    Hi everyone, I have a parking pass that I wont be needing, be happy to sell it at a light discount, say 150? Let me know! eight-one-eight 415-2373



    Still looking for 2 tickets. Located in LA. Please email me at [email protected]



  • Tristan Harris

    Hi Priceless friends! I’m looking for two tickets. If you are selling, I am buying. Thanks a million in advance. My email is [email protected]

  • adrian

    Hi friends, Looking for 1 or 2 tickets. Im in East Bay and happy to come to you for pickup. Please call me at 415.933.9557 Thanks so much!

  • Bill Weil

    Just found out that I am not going to be able to join for the festival so have one regular ticket with the meal plan (total cost was $310.42) for the first one to reach out to bill.weil(a)gmail. Mandatory condition is that you have a great time in my stead!

  • luxy

    Selling a $200 on-site parking pass!! Email lucykang5 (at) gmail (dot) com.

  • Kenneth Webb

    Still looking…

  • Sara Niesen

    Looking to reconnect with the awesome Priceless community this year – hoping to buy 4 or 5 tickets to share the good times with some friends who’ve never been! Please write: saraniesen(a)gmail – many many thanks!

  • KC

    hi! i’m looking for 1 ticket. excited to see everyone there – thanks!
    please text: 617.466.9463

  • I have 2 tickets for sale, please contact me at [email protected] if you are interested.

  • Jessy Baer

    I would absolutely cherish one or (even better) two whole tickets! I pinky swear to utilize them to their absolute fullest potential. They’ll barley miss you I promise πŸ™‚
    email = [email protected]

  • Will buy 1-2 tickets. Please text to (650) 307-4473

  • Jessy Baer

    Emailed you πŸ™‚

  • Jessy Baer

    Selling one ticket + meal plan. Total = $313. Facebook message me, email me ([email protected]) or text me please! (650)823-6407

  • Andy Mueller

    Priceless Tickets for sale (1) event pass and (1) Adult Meal Plan Total Brown Paer Ticket cost $310.42. PM me through Facebook if interested

  • Guest

    Hi!, Seeking an on-site parking pass. Please email me at [email protected] if you have one available. Greatly appreciated! <3

  • mark B.

    I am seeking 1 or 2 tickets. Hit me up via [email protected] if you can help! Thanks πŸ™‚

  • Jesse Daniel Patrick Havens

    Looking for 1 ticket plz <3 message at [email protected] xoxo

  • John Jacobson

    Work schedule loosened last minute! Wooo!

    Looking for 1 ticket. Text @ 404-717-7534

  • Dominic

    I’ve got one ticket to sell in the Bay Area – feel free to text at 504-237-2718

  • Kenneth Chad Brown

    Looking for two tickets

  • Aislinn Emirzian

    Hello! I have 2 tickets. pls text 415-601-8491 πŸ™‚

  • Aislinn Emirzian

    2 tickets available! Please text 415-601-8491

  • Edward Scott

    I have a ticket available, face value of course – I am located in San Francisco – email me [email protected] and we can sort something out.

  • HNK

    My BF and I ended up with two tickets from the special release sale yesterday but only needed one. Looking to sell the extra, pick up in East Bay. Reply below if you are interested.

  • Laura Holewa

    Does anyone have an onsite parking pass that they want to sell? Please email me at [email protected]. Thanks!

  • Laura Holewa

    Hi, if you are still looking to sell your on-site parking pass please email me at [email protected]. Thank you!

  • luxy


  • Laura Holewa

    Also, I know that this is slightly off topic, but I don’t know where else to post or ask this question. How long will the shuttles take to get to the event? The trek is supposedly 12 miles, I’m not sure what the speed limits are. I’m guessing it will take 30 – 45 minutes, is that right?

  • Christopher McGuire

    One ticket for sale! Email me at chris.cmcg at gmail.com or call/text @ 415 994 7534.


    Hello, Looking for 2 tix to the festival let me know if there are any available 213 300 8714. thanks!

  • HNK

    Ticket spoken for. Thanks!

  • mark B.

    just found out we’d ideally drive because of family stuff going on, is anyone selling an extra parking pass by chance? [email protected]

  • Andrew Pope

    My plans have changed, and I don’t get to go after all. (Dang!)

    I have 2 tickets, 2 adult meal plans, and 2 kids meal plans up for sale at face value. I’d prefer to sell the package together…I’m up in Sonoma and could meet in Marin..

    Andrew 415 299 9161

  • Lauren Vegter

    Hi there! Looking for two tickets (and ideally two meal passes). Please let me know if anyone has some available.

  • Lia

    I have a ticket for sale! Email me at [email protected] or 734-646-8815. Thanks!

  • Natalie

    Hi I need a to let please call or email 5303756649 [email protected] [email protected]

  • Sasha

    Hello lovelies! Unfortunately I won’t be able to go so I have 2 tickets for sale at face value. Text me at: 415-846-3737

  • Jeremy Hahn

    Hello. I have a single ticket available. Please email [email protected]

  • turnipturpentine

    Hi! My plans changed and unfortunately I can’t attend. I have two tickets available, at face value ($455 for the two). Please text 2013232683.

  • Chadwick Hatfield

    Two adult and one child’s meal plan vailible. Thanks!

  • Andrew Pope

    I have 2 tickets available with mealplans to go with them.

    I woiuld love to find someone who wants the 2 tix & 2 plans package, but if anyone wants just one ticket AND Plan I’ll do that.

    I will even deliver ( or at least meet you somewhere easy ) tomorrow in Marin, eastbay and maybe even the city….

    Let me know what you are interested in…

    I Also Have 2 KIDS MEAL PLANS that need 2 hungry kids to eat them…
    Face or best offer…..


    415 299 9161

  • Jeanie Conner

    one ticket for sale! email me at jeanie.conner at gmail.com

  • AJ
  • uhlume

    Two tickets for sale for $450 (below face). Email uhlume at gmail.

  • Jeremy Hahn

    Ticket still available. Happy to sell email me [email protected]

  • Morgan Camp

    HI Chadwick…..I would love one meal plan. How can I contact you?

  • Hendrik Panz

    2 tickets for sale for face value – [email protected]

  • Chadwick Hatfield


  • Tom Berman

    1 ticket for sale! Price negotiable. [email protected]

  • watson ix

    approx 15-20 minutes once you’re on the shuttle

  • AJ

    I have one. https://www.facebook.com/aj.slater 415.203.3881

  • llion

    2 tickets available! Text 415-969-7989.

  • John Deer

    Good day everyone! Looking for 2 tickets and 2 meals plans πŸ™‚

  • Morgan Camp

    I am looking for one meal plan. text me at 415-314-0787

  • andrew pope

    Still have two tickets and two meal plans up for grabs…Face value works and I’ll eat the fees…

    Prefer to sell ticket and plan together… but its getting late and you never know…


    415 299 9161

  • StephenCataldo

    Hi – I’m looking for one meal ticket. FB or 510-520-6175. Thanks!

  • Stellar Grey

    What’s the process for transferring a meal plan?

  • uhlume

    TICKETS FOR SALE AT DISCOUNT: Two tickets, $400 for both (face is $438). Contact uhlume at gmail period com, or text 8312780601.

  • Adrian Cleave

    Hi, looking for one ticket+meal plan. txt 415 939 3890. Thx.

  • Ahsan

    Hi! Selling one ticket (no meal plan) for way less than I paid, $150! Text me @ 248-882-23245

  • Ahsan

    No meal plan, but I’m selling a ticket for way less than I paid, $150. Text me if you’re interested, 248-882-2345

  • andrew pope

    * * * S O L D * * *

  • John Jacobson

    Something came up at work and I’ll have to work the weekend :<

    One ticket for sale (email delivery), text at 404-717-7534

  • Still have one ticket to sell – yours for $200 πŸ™‚ 504-237-2718

  • Jon Skulski

    Hello, we have two tickets to sell, price negotiable 716 289 6054

  • Hendrik Panz

    2 tickets now for only 350$ – [email protected]

  • Eva Leapin’ Lygress

    two tickets for sale, one w meal plan $500 takes all!
    i paid $625. πŸ™‚ 510 368 4531. peace!

  • Eva Leapin’ Lygress

    i have 2 tix and one meal plan. $500 takes all! 510 368 4531 πŸ™‚

  • John Jacobson

    My ticket is yours for FREE! Text me at 404-717-7534, I’ll email you the PDF

  • turnipturpentine

    Two tickets still available! Price flexible… 201 323 2683

Thanks for downloading!