july 1 – july 4, 2016

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2012 Tickets

Event Passes


For more information about event passes, meal plans, and parking passes for this year’s event, read the text below. Click here for our TicketShare board to connect with people that are buying or selling tickets.


Once again all event passes were sold at a single price. Basically, we take the budget to produce the event, divide by the number of tickets we are going to sell, and that’s the price of event passes. We’re a completely volunteer-run operation, so if we happen to accidentally make a profit, we’ll re-invest it in our next event to you, our shareholders. As always, we strive to keep our event affordable while providing the absolute highest quality experience we can.

Event passes for Priceless 2012 are $127.

Tickets for Priceless have sold out increasingly fast in recent years and this year was no different.  Because we recognize that everyone has different schedules and different times when they can get in front of a computer, we released tickets in three waves this year:

  • First wave: Friday, May 4, 10am
  • Second wave: Sunday, May 6, 8pm
  • Third wave: Friday, May 11, 9pm

But you can still purchase meal plans by clicking here.

Meal Plans

Table Nectar, our food vendor, will be selling meal plans for the event that can be purchased with your ticket. Mouth watering details available here.

Parking Passes

All vehicles will be required to purchase a parking pass. There will be a VERY limited number of onsite parking passes available for purchase pre-event starting with the first wave of tickets. Onsite parking passes will cost $80. These parking passes will not be sold in waves. When they run out, there will be no more.

Offsite parking will cost $20 and must be purchased upon arrival. Cars with three or more passengers can park for free.

If you are interested in bringing an r/v to Priceless, please email transportation.priceless [at] false-profit [ dot ] com.

Our offsite parking will be further away from the event than in past years, please be prepared to not visit your car after dropping it off and getting shuttled to the event.

We continue to face a challenging parking situation at Belden. Less onsite parking is available than in past years, and we no longer have access to free parking near the event site. Our only option is to rent land about 12 miles away. We are charging the parking fees to cover the costs of the land rental, security for the offsite lot, and shuttles to take people to the event. More details coming soon, but know well that we’re doing everything we can to make the situation flow as well possible for you all.

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