july 1 – july 4, 2016

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Meal plan tickets are still available. However, event passes and onsite parking are now sold out. If you have an extra ticket to sell or are in search of a ticket, please use our Tix Needed page.

EVENT PASSES: $211.49 + processing fees – SOLD OUT

We are releasing tickets in three waves:

  • Wave 1: Wednesday, May 4 — 6pm Pacific
  • Wave 2: Saturday, May 7 — 10am Pacific
  • Wave 3: Tuesday, May 10 — 6pm Pacific

Tickets for Priceless usually move fast, so mark these times in your calendar! Also, please be aware that we have zero tolerance for scalpers–we put a ton of energy into keeping prices as low as we can, and scalpers taking advantage of that hard work makes us super grumpy. We reserve the right to void any tickets that we have found out were scalped. If you hear of anyone attempting to sell tickets above cost, please contact us!

Note: Kids 12 and under do not need tickets!

As always, False Profit, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization, and Priceless is an all-volunteer event. The ticket price is just the cost of producing the event divided by the number of tickets.  You can find more about our budget on this page.

  $20 (offsite), $150 (onsite), $225 (RV) – SOLD OUT,
  each + processing fees

All vehicles will be required to purchase a parking pass.

Until we can talk Amtrak into restoring Oakland-Belden passenger service, we’re all driving up, and the parking situation at Belden sucks. Our only option is to rent land a few miles away. Parking fees go to covering costs of the land rental, security for the off-site lot, and shuttles to and from the event. So as it turns out: hooray for parking fees!

Off-site parking will cost $20 per car and must be purchased in cash upon arrival. There are no off-site parking passes available online.

There are a VERY limited number of on-site parking passes available for purchase online only. On-site parking passes will cost $150 (+ ticket processing fees). Remember: car-camping is not permitted. These will sell out fast.

There are also a VERY VERY VERY limited number of RV passes available for purchase online only for $225 (+ ticket processing fees) These passes are for RVs only. If you show up with an RV pass without an RV (expecting to camp in your car), you will be asked to bring your car to the off-site parking lot.  These will sell out fast.

MEAL PLANS: $79 + ticket processing fees

Convergence (our amazing food vendor for the last few years) will be selling meal plans for the event that can be purchased with your ticket. Meal plans can be purchased at the link at the top of the page. Head over to the meal plans page for more details.


We understand that our ticket prices may be too high for some members of our community, so we want to remind everyone that volunteers who sign up to help throw the event (about 10 hours of work) are eligible to attend the event in a “pay-what-you-can”, donation-based capacity. We think volunteering is pretty fun, actually — it’s a great way to meet a bunch of people and feel ownership in the event. If you’re interested in that option please contact us at: volunteer.priceless@false-profit.com


Last year, we asked all of our attendees for feedback. We got an overwhelming response from you all to create More Fun™ [1] at Priceless. In the true spirit of hip-hop, a few of you– acting, we presume, on the intuition that one way to make shit more awesome is to pour money and champagne on it– suggested in the comments at the end of our survey that you’d like to help make Priceless more awesome by pouring a little extra money and champagne on it. So, in 2015 we ran that experiment so that those of you who wanted to pour a few extra duckets were able to do so. And here, too, we were overwhelmed with the response. After buying tickets, parking passes, meal plans, etc., people contributed nearly $2,000 extra that we were able to reinvest into More Fun™ [2].

We’ll do it again, this year. Just click the donation box on the ticket vendor site, which will allow you to submit a donation when you purchase your tickets!


There will be a small number of rooms available in the Belden Lodge for people with extenuating circumstances that would otherwise prevent them from attending Priceless. If you wish to apply for one of these rooms, please register your interest here.

[1] Not an actual trademark
[2] Still not an actual trademark

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