june 30 – july 3, 2017

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Priceless 2014: Thank you for an unexpected weekend

Priceless is always fun. By now we know to expect fun. We know there will be great music, and great art and fun stuff to do. We see to it. But we didn’t expect that.

Just like this year’s party-within-a-party, Priceless is hitting escape velocity. It’s getting deeper and weirder and more magical. It’s becoming something we could never have foreseen when we started throwing it back in 2006. It’s becoming vast. Obviously it’s not in terms of land–Belden can definitely get pretty crowded–but certainly in terms of possibility. It’s emergent, something much richer than the crew of volunteers who laid the event’s foundations could imagine. And that’s because of you all. We can’t thank you enough for coming to Priceless to share your energy, your creativity, your hard work, your laughter… Thank you for surprising us and for showing us once again what this thing we do together can be. We can’t wait to see what you show us next year (when we reconvene for the 10th time!).

Just a couple more bits of the unexpected, and we’ll let you go…

First, we did not expect you all to lose so much shit at Priceless.

This was a banner year for misplaced items, so nice job. We’ll be sorting through our lost and found over the coming days, so if you’re missing anything or if you picked up anything that you’d like to return to its owner, please email lost.and.found.priceless [at] false-profit [dot] com. We’ll post the full list of lost and found shortly, to both the event website and the event Facebook page.

Second, we did not expect to get so sick on the last day of Priceless 🙁

As many of you have probably heard, some kind of stomach bug swept through Priceless with a vengeance on Sunday and into Monday. We are in contact with Plumas County health authorities, but we’d like to collect some information of our own so that we can take whatever steps are necessary to ensure that this doesn’t happen in the future. It’d be a big help if you could fill out this form (especially if you got sick or know of someone who did, but even if you didn’t). We’ll update you if we learn of further steps that need to be taken, but in the meanwhile take standard precautions against the spread of infection. (It’s called ‘hygiene’, hippy! Shower daily and always wash your damn hands! Soap!)

Finally, though, we DO expect that some of you took lots of pictures!

If you are using Flickr, please add your photos to the Priceless Campout group pool, and please tag your pics with “Priceless2014” on Flickr and other internets (add hashtags or whatevs as needed). You may also wish to link to those sets on our Facebook group page.

K, that’s it. Thanks again. That was great.

Much love,
Priceless 2014 Crew and False Profit, Inc.


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