june 30 – july 3, 2017

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Getting up to Belden is a little bit of a hike, but it’s not too long, it’s gorgeous, and it’s DEFINITELY more fun with friends, both old and new.

General parking information can be found here.

Post both rides needed and rides offered below. NOTE: This board is provided by False Profit as a courtesy and is only mildly moderated. And as a good info practice, it’s best not to post your full phone number and to write your email as youname [at] mailservice [dot] com – helps fight against nasty spam. Good luck!

  • Vytas SunSpiral

    anyone going through Tahoe (more specifically Squaw Valley Resort) on the way to Priceless on Friday that could give me a ride in? (could help pay for gas, have my own ride home….). 510-847-4600. thanks!

  • aleshinskaya

    Offering ride for 2 people leaving from SF late afternoon Friday (~4pm), somewhat flexible on time and location, asking for split on rental and gas costs ($70), returning first thing Monday morning. Contact Anna alesh – at – sas.upenn.edu

  • Sandra

    Looking for a ride from SF East Bay to Belden & back.
    Friday eve to Sunday eve.
    Happy to split gas, parking & keep good company. Will be my third Priceless ❤️

  • Richard Purcell

    hey Anna! just tried to send you an email, but it bounced back. richardrenaissance at gmail dot com

  • Mischa Byruck

    My delightful friend Cat is looking for a ride going up Friday after work. She is a fantastic ride companion and will teach you languages and partner dancing. Any leads will be rewarded with love and sparkles. – Mischa mbyruck (at) gmail

  • Sasha

    Hi! Seeking ride back to the east Back first thing Sunday morning. Happy to share costs. Thank you!

  • Frankie Myers

    I may have a seat available! fbmyers (at) gmail.com

  • Stellar Grey

    Looking for a ride back to bay area for one of our artists on Sunday. Message me and I can connect you. 510 629 1479 or [email protected]

  • Stellar Grey

    Sasha, contact me and maybe we can figure something out – someone in our group has has same needs and maybe we can figure out a vehicle for you. [email protected] and 510 629 1479

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