june 30 – july 3, 2017

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that ’70s prom

Boogie on over to the main stage disco and get down to the grooviest tunes this era has ever seen. Dress to impress, take some bitchin’ photos, see who gets crowned prom king and queen, relive the days of awkward slow dancing (when you’re not shakin’ your groove thing), and keep those good vibes going all night long.

Can you dig it?

Last bit of lowdown–do you ever put on your red shoes and dance the blues? Well, if you’ve ever floated in the most peculiar way, sign up for the David Bowie Lipsynch contest here and be the glam star we know you are.

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Saturday, July 6th  ~  7:30pm 9:00pm  ~  Belden Pavilion

PWP 2013 Invite 2

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