june 30 – july 3, 2017

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Traveling Carnival

Carnival is a costume theme party at Priceless. Bring a costume, attend in character, and prepare to contribute to a magical night in Belden. There will be games, performances, and sideshows!

  • fermented cabbage… 200 rubles
  • new plow… 17000 rubles
  • running away with the Koshtipen Carnival… PRICELESS

Are you fed-up with 14 hour days spent in a field that yields seven stalks of grain? Are you sick and tired of Napoleon’s legions stealing your chickens and burning your town? Do you dream of food that is not based on fermented cabbage?

We understand. And we’re right there with you; times are tough. Thankfully, there is a way for you to forget your sorrows. Come one and all to the sensational spectacle that defies specification! A tantalizing mélange of extraordinary theatrics! Join us for a night of wonder, a night of mystery and revelry! Come frolic in the seductive world of The Vingro Koshtipen Carnival. One night only!

Sunday, July 1, 2012
Belden Carnival Grounds (main stage)

  • 6:30pm Parade!
  • 7pm – 9pm Performances, games, music, dancing defy imagination.

Not enough you say? Only one evening of fantastic beguilement is not enough? Then join us!

The Vingro Koshtipen Carnival is coming through Belden Town in search of fresh talent to join the extravaganza! All are welcome to join: clowns, acrobats, fortune tellers and bearded women. The Carnival needs new animals too- lions, tigers and bears on unicycles oh my! Vingro Koshtipen will be holding auditions this Sunday for freaks, geeks, performing elites and persons who can perform dazzling feats.


How can I participate?

  • Run away and join the carnival early: Sign up
  • Come to Carnival in Belden ready to join in costume!
  • Tweet ideas tagged with #beldencarnival. They show up below, and we’ll listen.

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