june 30 – july 3, 2017

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2012 Lineup additions and more announcement

Howdy campers,

We’ve got some exciting lineup additions to share with you, but first, a few important updates. Please share this email with anyone you bought a ticket for or sold a ticket to, and encourage them to sign up on our website to receive important Priceless news over the next week and half. Okay, here we go:

  1. In an unfortunate miscommunication, our stock of river floaties has been severely depleted. You know how you usually show up to Priceless and there are magically a gazillion floaties in the river for you to laze about on?  Well, we bring lots of those ourselves and we’ll be bringing a lot less this year. Meaning, if you and your homies were on the fence about buying that crazy giant swan floatie, maybe you want to go ahead and put your order in now so it arrives in time.
  2. You can still purchase a meal plan to guarantee four delicious meals from Table Nectar, but only until 12pm next Tuesday, June 26. The meal plan menu and details are here, and the direct purchase link is here. Yum!
  3. Don’t forget, Sunday night at the event, Vingro Koshtipen’s Traveling Carnival will come through town!! You will certainly not want to miss this, or the special musical lineup we have afterwards (see below). Plus, we’ll have a special Monday morning sendoff event for ya’. Remember, Monday is not an official holiday, so if you need to holler at your employer to let them know you’ll be back in on Tuesday, please do so!

Please keep an eye open for an important email coming soon with full details about the arrivals process. As a reminder, we are dealing with a new parking situation this year. If you did not purchase an onsite parking pass (i.e., most of you), you will be parking in a secure offsite lot about 12 miles down the road and will be shuttled back to the event. Our box office will still be onsite and you can drop off your gear before sending a driver to park your car. Offsite parking costs are $20/car or FREE if you have 3 or more people in your car.

Okay, with that business out of the way, we are stoked to announce the following two additions to the lineup for Priceless 2012:

  • Pumpkin–He killed it last year and we’re stoked to have him back again!
  • Random Rab–‘Nuff said. Always a Priceless favorite, be sure to stick around on Sunday night to catch Rab’s set.

Alright party people, that’s all we got for ya’ this time. We’re counting down the days and nights, can’t wait to celebrate with y’all!

With love,
Priceless 2012 Crew and the rest of False Profit LLC

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