june 30 – july 3, 2017

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lost and found 2012

Seems like you all broke a Priceless record for leaving more stuff behind than ever before. Aside from that whole violation of the leave-no-trace thing, we’ll take it as a good sign that you had a blast at Priceless 2012.

Below is a list of items we recovered from the event. If you lost something and would like to be reunited with it, please email lost.and.found.priceless [at] false-profit [dot] com to arrange a pickup time. If you let us you know you’ll be coming by, we can bring items to Equity (the False Profit monthly happy hour) on Wednesday July 11.

Also, please email us if you found something that isn’t yours: lost.and.found.priceless [at] false-profit [dot] com.

Priceless Lost and found — 2012

one single vehicle key without a key ring
a set of three keys–two house keys (ons of which is green) and one lock/storage key

metal camping cooking pot
2 blue plastic tri-devide plates
black plastic plate
blue melanine plastic plate
2 green metal camping plates
green plastic plate
big blue metal camping mug
metal mug w/ black handle
green ceramic bowl (had sliced lemons in it)
metal camping bowl
three tone ceramic plate
wooden serving platter
4 spoonsbutter knife
bamboo fork
3 red plastic cups
3 blue plastic cups
2 pink plastic cups
2 clear plastic cups
orange cup w/lid and straw
green triangular cup
green plastic cup with handle
clear square-ish up with flowers on it
Thermax metal coffee mug
SFGH 5D coffee mug

Water bottles
green ‘reduce reuse recycle’
green contigo
green subzero w/ heart kiss sticker
green DFL w/ phage sticker
black subzero w/ blank sticker
black subzero
purple nalgene w/ sweet can sticker
purple lib eco usable w/ rab sticker
grey nalgene w/ german banana zipper sticker
grey herbal
blue intak
blue kleen kanteen
silver embark w/ rising appalachia sticker
silver camelbak w/ two headed floaty duck sticker
silver msr
clear soda stream bottle
pink water bottle with pink mammoth sticker
clear lime green mini-water jug (small)

black w/ yellow sides
black KidViskous
black polarized sport
black dirty mo spy
black w/ pointy corners
light blue lens sport
Happy beer day
safety goggles


red/black Bar III hoodie
black Fresh Jive hoodiewith fur trim
red sleeveless fishbowl hoodie
black lifetime jersey hoodie
olive Marc Ecko cut & sew jacket
navy nike hoodie
black hoodie w/ arrow print
black adidas hoodie with blue/white stripes
grey columbia titanium jacket
grey calvin klein hoodie
camo Salvage jacket
black G-Star jacket
Black Center camp Cafe hoodie

men’s off-white exofficio shorts
women’s black old navy shorts
child’s black/white shark print shorts (3T)
men’s Black D&G Tshirt
men’s heather grey AGS Tshirt
men’s white tshirt
men’s white tank
child’s orange Tshirt w/ JAKE SH markered inside
men’s navy North Face Tshirt
men’s red 8v8 Dodgeball Tshirt
mens black Jockey Tshirt
men’s grey Outside Lands Tshirt
women’s grey tiger cub tshirt
women’s white/pink American Eagle Tshirt
pink bikini
red bikini top
green bikini top
bow tie
black print scarf
black knit scarf
pink/purple stripe woven scarf
black/white striped socks
7 black socks
black/grey stripe leg warmers
brown columbia flip flops
yellow flip flops
tan flip flops
white feivue tennies
white/red oasis runners
black and white sun hat
tan/brown sun hat
beige cheetah military cap
black baseball cap
elephant hat
furry blue hat with led squiggles

2 white
hot pink
light pink
stripes: purple/green/red
light blue
sky blue
medium blue
blue hawaiian print
blue pack Towel
blue camping towel
blue wash cloth
black pioneer ‘catch the spirit’

Misc Camping Gear
black bandana
purple bandana
pink pillow case
light blue mexican blanket
dark blue mexican blanket
grey mexican blanket
light beige blanket
dark blue 2p sleeping bag
black quilted waterbottle bag
black mesh bag w/ bottle opener
brown embroidered pouch
red camping pad
orange camping pad
green waterproof stuff sac/sleeping bag
tent pole with bends in it
Eurika tent fly
Lightspeed tent bag w/ stakes
Taurus tent bag w/poles
orange beach chair/pad
flash light
long tipped lighter
dangly earing with building and teardrop
fish shaped bubble blower
2 jars of bubbles
REI sunblock
BWC face moisturizer
brown makeup bag
blue pick comb
android full of jellybeans
coleman airmattress pump
battery powered candle
orange coleman rain fly
light blue sheet
black folding stool

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