june 30 – july 3, 2017

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Okay campers, class is in session. If you’ve got a question, there’s a pretty good chance that we’ve heard it before and have an answer for you below:

  • What if I miss out getting a ticket?
    No tickets will be sold at the door. The event sells out every year, please get a ticket nice and early to guarantee you can come to the event.
  • Will there be stuff to buy at Priceless? I sure love stuff!
    There is no art, craft, or fashion vending at Priceless. Although False Profit supports our community of entrepreneurial artists, we try to create a weekend as free of consumer culture as possible at this event.
  • I get hungry when having fun. Will I have to bring my own food?
    We’re lucky to have Convergence Catering once again onsite selling their nourishing, delicious, magic sustenance. There will also be plenty of ice available for sale through the lodge to keep your items cool.
  • How much river tubing will there be at Priceless?
    The water is warm-ish into the evening, so plenty! We have a limited number of tubes and many guests, so please bring water toys to share in the fun. Tubing can be dangerous. Please do not ride the rapids and exit the river in low brush areas. Injuries are common in these two areas and dampen the weekend fun. We’ve had several scary incidents in recent years and advise that you paddle upstream to drift back to the beach, rather than riding the rapids downstream. Please remember to have a buddy at all times.
  • Hey, I hear the river currents can get kinda strong. Will someone save me if I'm reckless in the water and get into trouble?
    Priceless is a “swim at your own risk” event. No official lifeguard will be on duty. Minors must be supervised by an adult. River currents and water release from the hydro electric plant are unpredictable and may change without warning.
  • Can I bring Rover, my pet dalmation? He's so great! How 'bout Igor, my pet iguana? Or Keith the kangaroo?
    Nope, sorry. Furry beasts (and non-furry ones too) can not come party with you at Priceless. We love pets, but the event is not set up for them. Please leave Rover and Igor and Keith and all the other animals (including snakes!) in your life at home. The exception is for service animals — we adhere to all laws regarding your service animal.
  • I wanna help!! How do I get involved?
    Awww, shucks, we’re flattered. Volunteers are a huge part of our event, please contact us at volunteer.priceless [at] false-profit [ dot ] com to find out more about plugging in.
  • I like playing with fire, but I hear there are very high fire warnings in the area.
    First of all, that’s not a question. Second, don’t you remember July 2008? There is always fire danger so be VERY careful with your cigarette butts, camping stoves, etc. Please do not start campfires as this is very dangerous. No fire spinning or fire-based artwork are allowed at Priceless.
  • With so much playing and having fun, am I going to get thirsty?
    This year’s event is in early July (as usual), so that means it will be hot (90’s during the day, 60’s at night). So yes, you’re going to get thirsty. Please bring your own water and containers. There is running water at the camp, so we’ve got your back if you run out, but it all will come from a single hose.
  • I’m a messy person. Will I have to clean up after myself?
    This is a leave no trace event. We ask all guests to take everything you bring to Priceless home with you, including your trash. Please bring your own trash bags.
  • If I forget something at home, is there a shopping mall nearby?
    The closest towns to purchase supplies are Oroville (60 minutes prior to arriving) or Quincy (40 minutes past Belden). These towns are also the closest gas stations. There is a very small convenience store inside the lodge for some essentials.
  • Will my tiny low super sporty Porsche that I’m borrowing from the marketing guy at work be ok on the roads?
    The roads all the way to the Priceless campgrounds are well paved.
  • Is it going to be hot there?
    It’s too soon to tell, but its been really hot in past years. The average temperature is mid 90’s during the day and 60’s at night. Bring sunscreen and plenty of water during the day and extra layers for night.
    Awesome. We’re excited too. We welcome attendees to begin arriving at 3pm on Friday, July 1st, when the gates officially open. Do not arrive early or we will publicly shame you and beat you with stale french bread and wilted green onions. Drive slowly.

If you have a question not answered here, please contact priceless [at] false-profit [ dot ] com or ask on Facebook.

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