july 1 – july 4, 2016

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Call for Art

Priceless 2016 Call for Art

We are looking for art and creative projects that will make our event at Belden Town extraordinary: visual art installations — stationary, floating, and mobile art — as well as interactive art and immersive experiences.

The sound stages this year are looking for artists to contribute “lounge art” — comfortable areas near the stages where festival-goers can enjoy the music while relaxing. We’ll consider everything from sculptures that can be rested on or climbed upon, to simple cozy lounge-like chill areas.

We also want Priceless to feel fun and welcoming from the very beginning, starting at the off-site parking lot!  We are eager to fund interactive experiences that deserves the undivided attention of attendees while they are off-site waiting to get to Belden.

The art grant committee funds art projects that already exist, the creation of brand-new works, and those destined for the Playa.  Every year the art at Priceless reaches new levels of creativity and playfulness, whimsy and magic.  Help make this year especially memorable!

Download the 2016 Priceless Art Grant Application (Word, PDF)!

Please submit applications to art.priceless [at] false-profit [dot] com. The deadline for submissions is Wednesday, April 20 Friday, April 29, 2016.

All applicants will be notified of status by the end of April. Priceless tickets start going on sale in early May.

Thanks for downloading!