june 30 – july 3, 2017

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Priceless 2017 Call for Art

In the context of an unprecedented year of changes to the American ethos, we have learned that there are vast chasms between ideals and so, correspondingly, there are significant opportunities to reach across aisles and understand other points of view. Thus, this year’s art theme will center around compassion and empathy. How do we see ourselves in others, and how do others see themselves in us? What does compassion — towards others as well as towards ourselves — look like? What does being seen and heard feel like? What art would you be inspired to create to explore these themes?

As we spend a weekend away from our daily lives, we also look for playfulness and enchantment, and for interactive art to engage with together. We welcome art installations that we can rest on, hang out in, or float and dance on while enjoying music from the stages, as well as art that provides shade.

Your art installation could even be the first art piece attendees interact with when they arrive! We are looking for portable art that can delight attendees at the off-site parking lot while waiting for shuttles, then move to the main venue when the arrivals rush is over.

The art grant committee funds the creation of brand-new works as well as art projects that already exist and those destined for the Playa. Every year the art at Priceless reaches new heights of creativity and awe. We invite your ideas to help make this year especially memorable!

Please share the 2017 Priceless Art Grant Application Form with your friends who create special things and encourage them to apply! The deadline for submissions is Wednesday, April 26, 2017. Email the art team with questions at art.priceless [at] false-profit [dot] com.

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