june 30 – july 3, 2017

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2016 Art Grantees

Priceless 2016 Art Grantees

We are thrilled to announce the recipients of the Priceless 2016 Art Grants! We received more than 50 applications this year, and were able to offer funding to over 30 projects. As always, we are blown away by the creativity of the artists in our community. Come experience the powerful defense system of the new Belden naval addition, connect with playful touch, relax in delightful soundscapes and immersive environments, and participate in solving scavenger hunt clues. Check out a preview of this year’s art installations and get ready for the magic they bring to Belden Town!


by Vibrata Chromodoris
Do Deck
The Dō-Deck is named for its dodecagon-shaped surface, perforated with intricate geometric shapes that are lit from below with color-changing LED lights. It can be a dance stage, a bench, a bed, or a magical way to envision how the very space around you vibrates with patterns and rhythms.

Infinity Cube

by Nobel Yoo

Physicists have long speculated that an infinite number of mirror dimensions exists adjacent to our own. The Infinity Cube brings this concept to life in the form of a dazzling LED installation in which lights bounce and expand out as far as the eye can see.

Jambox Playground

by Moldover

Moldover’s various jamboxes (collaborative musical instruments) have appeared and premiered at Priceless in years past. This year, enjoy a trio of jamboxes, including The MiniMasher, ConnecTableClassic, and a new ConnecTable stocked with a brand new collection of sounds drawn from Moldover’s new album FOUR TRACK.

Koyote’s Heart

by Douglas Mason and Dan Cote
Koyotes Heart
When the Holy People were arranging the Sun, Moon, and stars, they left Trickster Koyote out of their plans. But he came back just as they were about to finish and scattered the stars at random, creating the constellations and the Milky Way. Welcome to Koyote’s Heart as he sings his hymn to the heavens. Touch the light panel representing the four chambers of his heart — Love, Spirit, Science, and Trickery. Each element adjusts the style of his song and the lights that shine above. Stick around long enough and you may even have the chance to meet Koyote himself prowling along the landscape.

Locus Lux II

by Daniel Garcia

A multi-spaced gathering and chill space with floor, wall, and ceiling lighting reacting and responding to the people within and the environment around it.

The Outpost

by Amanda Dunn Warnow & Zachary Warnow

The Outpost, a welcoming retreat nestled deep into the trees in the wilds of Belden, will be hosting live acoustic acts, activities, and special performances throughout the weekend. Two special lighting and fabric installations will foster a sense of calm for travelers to the Outpost and beyond into the woods of Belden.

Puppet Kissing Booth

by Michael Whelpley
puppet kissing booth
First base, without the body fluids! Come and get a smooch from one of our charming puppets, or try one on and dish out some fuzzy love yourself!

Quantum Entanglement

by Beau Gaerlan and Yash Sekhon
Quantum Entanglement
Being here now means a perception of interconnection with one’s environment and the people in it. But with our ball pit, that interconnection is made tangible. Your every move ripples against the senses of friends and strangers alike, physically actualizing the feeling of shared presence. Engulf yourself in plastic, spherical communion.

The Red Tent

by Helen Lurie

Step right up, menstruating humans! Step right up! Win a prize! Tampons! Mooncups! Absorbent pads! Do you have the skill to win?

Space Rocks

by Ashley Newton
Space Rock
Come and rest your bum on one of these giant glowing space rocks! But don’t be surprised if you end up with more than you bargained for: these magical boulders have a trick or two that only the adventurous (or tired) soul will discover. Find the space rocks in the Magic Garden, or at the Save Mos Eisley Party Sunday evening.

Tea Lounge

by Produced by Bisi Obateru, Sy Barsheshet

Volunteers- Troubadours, Kyle Stewart and Brittany Ferrero

Inspired by Marika Starkweather in 2012, her vision for a rest area during the day to hid from the sun and have some tea has become a key component of the art/activities at Priceless. It has become a space for musicians, activities and a place of rest, and a space for communion in the fellowship of those who understand.

The Ten Minute Date

by Sena Koleva and Grey Stellar
Dating Table
Social game meets interactive art installation, the Date Table is an icebreaker activity in a warm-lit romantic dinner date setting. Find a new “date” or bring an old friend to the table for conversational icebreakers. The menu has sections for Appetizer, Entree, and Desserts. The questions change daily!

Thomas the Turtle

by Sandra Mallon

Water + trampoline – what could be better!


by Rob Bell
Come relax in a space egg!

A Moment of Silence

by Kelly Burns
A silent disco tribute to a fallen dance hero.

Amelia Mouse Piano

by Ramon Yvarra
Amelia Mouse Piano
Amelia is my attempt to mix the old and the new, in innovative ways. Physical mechanical pianos still retain a magic about them, and mixing that with technology in interesting and interactive ways helps the audience retain their connection to the past.


by Stan Clark
Astro Botanicals
Astro Botanical Inflatable Flowers generate symbiotic responses from deep within your genetic memories of primordial garden wilderness. Feelings arrange themselves into harmonious relationships with higher order celestial thought forms. The fertility symbols’ bulbous bodies give you a pollinator’s perspective. Big flowers make people happy.

Artemiid art boat

by Shanee Stopnitzky
Artemiid is a winged, interactive kinetic sculpture artboat, with 24 fluttering wings controlled by swinging on a swingset and 3500 individually-addressed LEDS.

This season she will have all the same guts as before but will be more playful and also a real lot more badass.

Bodacious Bubbles

by Beth Cowan
Bodacious Bubbles
Come experience magical bubbles as you’ve never seen them before!

Bouteille et Lumière

by Stephanie Geerlings
The lights in bottles will illuminate at different times so that people can come upon some mystery in the woods. The closer they get the more special the contents of the bottle. Or they can simply take in the lightning bug-like scene. People trigger this action by simply moving in space.

Glowing Pandora Flowers

by Shanee Stopnitzky
Pandora Flowers
Are you obsessed with living luminescence and glowy things? Pandora Flowers bring the beauty and magic of bioluminescence to your life without finicky organisms that you have to persuade to glow for you. You also get to see the otherwise invisible process of where water goes when plants drink it!


by Eriks Strals
HoloCubes is a physical pyramid of cubic portals which open to other dimensions. Portals are projected onto the surfaces of the dimensional cubes using a quantum fractal projector operated by the human consciousness.

Joshua Engine

by Noah McGinley
Joshua Engine
A sculpted piece in lighting with complimentary detailed woodwork design. A flowing, modern mandala with French inspired ornamentation.


by Ellen Juhlin & Jason Asbahr
Imagine walking through the forest at night, seeing glimpses of distant colored lights through the trees, and then suddenly feeling as if you could sense the spirit world of the trees around. These tree spirits are called “kodama”, and the Japanese tradition of celebrating them is called “kodama-sama”.

ATM (Automatic Trolling Machine)

by Jeremy Guillory
Magic ATM
No festival is complete without a way to get cash! When it’s time to pay up for all of those Priceless experiences, simply find the helpful “ATM” sign and insert your card. Trust us! Dispensing of cash guaranteed!

*Dispensing of cash not guaranteed.

Orb Swarm

by Michael Prados
Orb Swarm
Orb Swarm is a swarm of spherical art robots with intricate welded shells that use their motion, LED’s, and sounds to make new friends. The project has previously appeared at Burning Man, Coachella, and the Zero 1 festival, and will be making its first appearance at Priceless this year!

Pipe Dream

by Ashley Meyer
Magical climbing structure!

Priceless Scavenger Hunt

by Evin Wolverton & Ben Pollack
The Beast Of Belden Is MISSING
Calling all gumshoes and bounty-hunters: the Beast of Belden has been beast-napped by a bunch of meddlesome drunks. Use your wits, charms, and suspended better judgment to scour the seedy underbelly of Belden for clues that will reveal the culprits so that you may vanquish them and set the beast free!

Belden Barge II

by Belden Barge Crew
Belden BargeBelden Barge crew
Return with me for a moment to the summer of 2015, when a bunch of hippies learned the true importance of military might. Belden Barge was born. Also remember how the summer of 2015 was not remembered as the year when a hippie was taken by vicious wildlife halfway down the river, requiring 165 stitches.

The Clock

by Deborah Yoon
The Clock
The Clock is an art installation made up of layers of ornate paper cut outs sewn together interwoven with found materials. In the evening hours, the installations will be lit up and another layer of intricate shadow art will be revealed, akin to Balinese shadow puppet theatre. The purpose is to create an immersive, yet contemplative environment for the visitor in order to generate a sense of playful wonder.

The Grassy Knoll

by Bonnie Barilleaux & Gretchen Perkins
Grassy Knoll
On a little soft and furry hill, one patch of grass at the top grows taller than all the rest. It flops over this way and that, lit from below by grass-green light. When the wind blows, the lights dance, making the patch of tall grass seem to dance in the wind.


by Christopher Linder
Touch is an integral part of human interaction, yet in most social situations friends and acquaintances aren’t presented with many opportunities to touch other than in greeting. By instrumenting direct contact between people and adding an element of exploratory play, I hope to provide an opportunity for people to share touch with each other in a way that is non goal oriented and captures a sense of wonder and delight.

Transdimensional Audio Workstation

by Colin Sullivan
Transdimensional Audio Workstation
The Transdimensional Audio Workstation is an interactive musical experience. The machine allows one to tune into another dimension in order to send a musical communication to one’s self. After sending the music, any transdimensional response will be interpreted and played back automatically.

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