june 30 – july 3, 2017

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2015 Art Grantees

Priceless 2015 Art Grantees

We are excited and honored to have the following installations at Priceless 2015. Every year, we accept art grant proposals from the community and are blown away with what you come up with. Congrats to all of this year’s recipients, we can’t wait to see your creations in Belden!!

Below is some of the art coming this year!

Squared Mini

by Charles Gadeken
Squared-mini is an interactive light tree with bold mathematical aesthetics that generates complex patterns with custom-designed hardware and software.

Clitteral Canopy

by The Clitterati
The Clitterati are a group of artists that are inspired by vulvas, nature, light, and joy. Come visit our Clitteral Canopy, an alluring, relaxing and luxurious sanctuary of renewal where guests can be held by nature’s loving embrace. The lounge space consists of plush pillows and large draping veils that shade during the day when the pleasure-loving will find it to be a place of rejuvenation. In the evenings the Clitterati will serve tea while guests look up towards the stars and our projected atmospheric visuals.

Belden Putt

by Bonnie Barrilleaux, Gabe Martin-Dempesy & Gretchen Perkins
Welcome to BeldenPutt, Priceless’s first distributed minigolf course. Evoking childlike wonder and the joy of good old-fashioned hitting things with sticks, the golf course is distributed around Belden with clubs and balls located at each hole. Playing the course will take you on a journey into space, let you keep safety third, and shrink you down into a microscopic speck, among other adventures. Each hole features a different theme with collectable theme flags, and also incorporates the natural landscape of Belden into its design.

S.S. Belden Barge

by Charles Philipp, Justin Silver & Peretz Partensky
S.S. Belden Barge: the largest ever vessel to sail the feather river. Let that sink in. But before it does, please join us for a cocktail cruise.

A Moveable Feast

by Daniel Busby
A Moveable Feast will be returning to Priceless! Hop on, and pedal through Belden Town on the fanciest dining table on the road! Wear your finest attire, as the chandelier will be lit and the table will be set… for adventure!

Sprocket Spectacle

by Daniel Busby
Sprocket Spectacle (still under construction) is an intimate interactive art piece. Users will be able to turn the handcrank and make the sprockets dance. Chains and gears interact to create a surprising and mesmerizing 3D display. Take a moment in quiet reflection to ponder the complicated, intricate, yet simple connections all around us.


by Chris Linder
Touch is an integral part of human interaction, yet in most social
situations friends and acquaintances aren’t presented with many
opportunities to touch other than in greeting. By instrumenting
direct contact between people and adding an element of exploratory
play, I hope to provide an opportunity for people to share touch with
each other in a way that is non goal oriented and captures a sense of
wonder and delight.

Shadows & Mirrors

by Lonnie Kurlander, Robb Walters & Sean Stevens
“Shadows & Mirrors” is a delightful functional art piece which combines a need for ground lighting with thoughtful surprises. Shadows & Mirrors consists of laser cut, 3d printed, and etched elements to project surprising and lovely designs along dimly-lit areas. Large lanterns are hexagonal mirror-acrylic hanging lanterns, intended to be a beautiful object that can be reused and grown into a larger and more comprehensive lighting solution over time. Small “fairy” lanterns are 3d printed PLA shadow lanterns which can help light your way to a beautiful evening.

The FluoroFlower Tree

by Ashley Newton
FluoroFlower Tree Sketch + Prototype v2
The FluoroFlower Tree is a fluorescent tree whose limbs and flowers are brought alive with techno-magic. During the day, the tree and its flowers glow brightly from the sun’s light, and at night they glow with the help of another sort of light. Come visit the FluoroFlower tree and explore its magical properties. Don’t be afraid: while the tree has a personality of its own, it is benign. The FluoroFlower tree can be found in the Sustainable Magic Garden, a place full of glowing interactive creations where you can explore, relax, and have fun.


by Christopher Schardt
Seville is 16 LED strips spiraling down, forming a cylinder. The LED Lab iPad app generates imagery displayed on the LEDs using photos, videos, algorithms, and the iPad camera (yes, it’s interactive). At Priceless, two synchronized Seville pieces will mark an entrance.


by Sean Stevens
The Magic Garden, filled with beautiful interactive flowers has a new inhabitant – Spid3r!

Spid3r keeps a watchful eye(s) with laser disco-ball thermal vision.
Spid3r may come from above to investigate you – be gentle but Spid3r will react to your touch.
Spid3r watches over the Magic Garden and keeps it safe from pests.
But mostly Spid3r likes to hang out and party, and sometimes dance.


by Ellen Juhlin & Jason Asbahr
A magical place in the forest where you can sense the invisible tree spirits and other creatures frolicking around you. These tree spirits are called “kodama”, and the Japanese tradition of celebrating them is called “kodama-sama”. Wander into the woods, away from the noise, to serendipitously discover this special spot.

Newtonian Fluid

by Helen Lurie
A human sized fluid-flow simulation teaches the audience about isotropic incompressible fluids through participation.

Unnamed Climbable Horn

by Andrew Barton-Sweeney
This art piece, ­yet to be named­, is a climbable sculpture shaped like a twisting tentacle, or a ram’s horn, or the trunk of a tree. It is constructed from reusable pipe and bolts connected in a triangulation, generated by a computer to create an organic and rigid shape. This project will demonstrate that highly efficient and secure climbing (or living) structures need not only be shaped like cubes or domes.

The Light Aquatic

by Scott Morgan
The Light Aquatic” is an underwater light sculpture consisting of ten serpentine forms, each 16′ long that consist of computer-controlled LED strips. Photographs of street murals from San Francisco’s Mission and Tenderloin districts provide the original color palettes that drive the light and animation. Essentially this provides a highly abstracted rendering of urban street murals in an underwater rural setting. With electricity. What can go wrong?

Thanks for downloading!