june 30 – july 3, 2017

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2014 Art Grantees

Every year, we accept art grant proposals from the community and are blown away with what you come up with. Congrats to all of this year’s recipients!!

Infinite Depth by Sean Stevens & Ashley Newton

A never ending tunnel of colored light, synchronizing with the music, curving, straightening and zooming in and out… moving with you as you explore and try to figure out what comes after infinity.

Robotically actuated infinity mirrors await – Just don’t go too deep, we don’t want to lose anyone.

Sustainable Magic Garden with Black Light Flora & Fauna Enhancements and Community Crafting by Ashley Newton & Sean Stevens

The Sustainable Magic Garden has grown much since its debut at Priceless last year. We’ve refined and redesigned and created more of the large and small flowers from last year, as well as created new medium-sized flowers, a fiber optic light tree, and more. But a garden must keep growing! We will be branching out from the five-petaled lotus-inspired design used thus far, and explore creation of new flower petal designs inspired by orchids and other flower types, creating ever more variety in the garden.

The Sustainable Magic garden will be enhanced with varying types of UV-reactive floral & fauna additions, created out of materials such as fluorescent vinyl and gimp, lycra/cloth, faux fur, recycled plastic parts/toys/materials, clay, coroplast, UV paint, and much more, and will be illuminated with lots of UV/black light! New backlight garden pieces will bring depth and contrast to the existing magic garden, which has primarily been illuminated with RGB LED lighting.

New UV pieces will be created during group crafting/making parties held in SoMa/SF (likely some weekday evenings and weekend day gatherings), as well as during Priceless at a chill crafting area set up near the Garden during the event. In this way Priceless participants will be able to participate/contribute to the garden. We are also collecting crafting material donations before and during the event. Please contact Ashley Newton (i [at] ashleynewton [dot] net) if you would like to donate materials or get involved in making backlight pieces before Priceless!

Sustainable Sound and Magic by Sean Stevens & Ashley Newton

Robotic Magic flowers, soothing beats, and many other beautiful art pieces, all powered from solar and human pedal power!

You make the party happen! Come chill or dance, but keep pedaling or the music stops.

Birdhouse by Simon Sutherland

Birdhouses have always resonated with me as a totem; a symbol for the elusive nature of a home that is always inside you but which requires cultivation. I’ve always been transient: I was 6 months old for my first intercontinental move. This piece intends to create an anachronistic, otherworldly space for wanderers to stumble upon. It uses curiosity to draw people in, playfully encouraging them to explore with child-like wonder, but ultimately aiming to create a space to step out of their habitual rush; to take a moment, be in the moment, and share some intimacy with close friends or even oneself.

Project: Voronoi by Calli Beck

In essence, I like to build things that make a certain dynamic sense to the specifics of a location. I find that lighting and use of space is essential in creating feeling and mood within that location and completely affects the way people move through it. I’m an aesthetics hound. I have a fascination with the way math surfaces in design, art, architecture, and every day life. And I’ve been exploring those things through art and design for most of my adult life. Project: Veronoi is my new endeavor of this kind of use of space.

The Gates of Ill by Jamie Emerick

Do not be afraid; our fate
Cannot be taken from us; it is a gift.
-Dante, Inferno

As if swimming in the river of Dance and crawling out of one of Dante’s cantos from the Inferno, these Dust Souls climb out of the dance floor and up the Gates of Ill. This stage design draws inspiration from by Rodin’s Gates of Hell and the Inferno not so much by the concepts of heaven and hell but more by the idea that we are all in community together. We are all striving to transcend, survive and achieve sometimes in terror and sometimes in love. These sculptures are about that dance through life and the relationships with the people around us past, present and future.

“…but still like dust I rise.”
-Maya Angelou

Pop-Up Puppet Theatre and Adult Puppet Cabaret by Bridget Rountree and Iain Gunn

Bridget Rountree and Iain Gunn make up the San Diego based puppet company Animal Cracker Conspiracy. The puppets and stilt characters Bridget and Iain are animating at Priceless this year are a combination of hand carved figures, sewn costumes, animated found objects and cutout silhouettes, performed in the spotlight of painted cardboard prosceniums. The performances tell tales, both subversive and fantastical, that offer new perspectives of the world and objects around us, invite participation and laughter through audience/performer improvisation.

These pop-up performances can happen along the path, in the meadow, on the porch or along side the food line. These vignettes can occur both during the day and night and include subject matter appropriate for all ages with adult content later at night. These little performances can create personal experiences for a couple of people and larger spectacles for gathered groups.

The primary goal of any puppet strives for is to live. So in this sense puppetry is analogous to basic human and artistic struggle and triumph. A puppet, no matter if it is intricately fabricated or simply a worn sock, do not exist unless it is animated by a puppeteer and with the participation of an audience. This striving for life is a story that underlies any other narrative performed on stage and thus resonates with the human experience.

Nebulosity Path Lights by Issac Roth

Nebulosity Path Lights are airy, organic, cloud like paper maché lanterns that can range anywhere from 2 to 4 feet in width by 1 to 2 feet tall. They are made from dipping large sheets of paper into paper maché and draping them over piles of collected objects. After the paper has hardened, the lantern is painted gold on the underside. This makes the battery powered LED glow warmly in the night and illuminate the nebulous forms and organic edges. These lanterns are to be made collaboratively on Thursday, July 3rd, by those who arrive on the earlier side were interested in working on an art project as they greeted new and old friends!

The Vulvatron

The Vulvatron is an interactive multi-media art installation that honors and celebrates the divine feminine in us all. It features 18′ tall projection screens in the form of a vulva, on which live media artists will mix video projections using motion input from participants. In addition, the Vulvatron’s LED lighting animations will respond to your touch at several interaction stations. www.thevulvatron.com

Anita’s Dropship by Kasima Tharnpipitchai

Anita’s Dropship is a device which plays a never-ending, always-changing dubstep build and ships you drops on demand.For better or worse, everything in our world has become customizable. Gone are the days of cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all, mass produced trinkets and baubles. And why not with music too? Why should everyone be satisfied with listening to the latest pop-tart MP3 mobile stream, when we can all have our own unique remixes? When you’re tired of waving your hands in the air, no need to wait for the coked-out DJ to finally press play on the next track. Hit the button yourself and receive immediate delivery. Shipping drops since 2014. http://dropship.github.io

Somatone by Chris Linder

Somatone inverts the standard relationship between dance and music. As opposed to dancers responding to music, they are creating it with the character and flow of their movements. Each dancer can control part of the sound scape but never the whole with the result that multiple people are required to fully experience all aspects of the music. I find that this inherently collaborative interaction, when combined with the inverted dance/music relationship, leads to a creative play space where people are exploring ideas in both movement and sound and then sharing those ideas with each other. These ideas become the music people are creating together.

Pipe Dream

Pipe Dream is a 20’ climbing structure made of 1.25” steel conduit, arranged and engineered for maximum play potential. Scale, swing, hop, dangle, and bend, and contemplate the geometries of a human inside a man-made, primate-inspired irregular lattice.

Deep Forest Lounge by Igor Serebryany and Abi Kelly

The breeze carries the sounds of laughter and conversation, and you catch the glint of color among the branches. What secrets lurk deep within the forest? Just follow the lights!

cube visuals
Cubeitization by Eriks Strals

Cubeitization is a rendering of visualizations and fractalized pictures projection mapped onto large white cubes stacked together into a pyramid. The visuals, more specifically, range from abstract fractal renderings to pictures taken from recent events (as in this case, pictures taken during the priceless event itself).

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