june 30 – july 3, 2017

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2013 Art Grantees

Every year, we accept art grant proposals from the community and are blown away with what you come up with. Here are the art grant recipients for Priceless 2013. We’re excited to see all of your creations!


Chandelerium by the Seaside by Michelle Richardson and Bonnie Barrilleaux

Chandelierium by the Seaside, is an ornate, opulent, and interactive prismatic canopy that shines above the shores of Belden Town. We are using chandeliers as a symbol of wealth and privilege, to invite people to enhance their friendships and enrich their lives. When the 1% say “let them eat cake”, we’d rather have our cake under a crystal chandelier. As the rich get richer, we get rich in our own way: rich in experiences and memories, richer every time we share a moment with a friend under a rainbow glow. We want to bring a tiny bit of a luxe French Château to the little beach of Belden.


Atlantis: Ship of Fools by Sandra Mallon

Come down by the river and be surrounded by a gallery of art exploring the legend of Atlantis.Relax and read tales of mermaids and the secrets of Poseidon. Catch the mermaid powered Ship of Fools and see if you can find Atlantis at Priceless this year.

Main Stage Sculptures and Silhouttes by Jamie Emerick

Jamie Emerick moved to the bay area in 2011 from New York and received her MFA from California College of the Arts in 2013. Her recent work has been focused on creating immersive spaces. These installations present an experiential way of perceiving space; shadows are employed as an aspect of the immaterial and darkness as a mirror to recognize one’s self in the mental projections cast into the absence of light.

The inspiration for the main stage sculptures and silhouettes came out of time spent in both the galleries and library of the Asian Art Museum. The Mythical bird-men and -women are among the chimerical creatures that inhabit the Eden-like Himavanta Forest of Buddhist legend. They are often depicted in Siamese sculptures and paintings, and are historically used in royal ceremonies. In making the silhouettes, Jamie drew from her study of shadows and combined depictions of Balinese shadow puppets with the bird people. Additionally the silhouettes point to the personalities that arise when we put on costumes, dance and release ourselves, becoming animal, celebratory and spiritual. These birds and creatures seem appropriate for the 2013 Priceless; they pay homage to the sensation of soaring as the music and dance lift us out of our constraints of gravity.

The Magic Garden by Ashley Meade Newton and Sean Stevens

The Magic Garden will be a patch of beautiful, interactive, multi layered, robotic LED & fiber optic illuminated flowers. As the flowers are approached by participants, the flowers will animate, changing color and pattern, becoming brighter and blossoming. Once participants move away, the flowers will un-bloom and go into an autonomous bloom/un-bloom wait mode. We want to surprise and delight people by crossing Nature and Technology, Art and Science.


Three Dimensional Paper Weaving by Leslie Benson

This work speaks from a precious, deep place in the universe of my soul. It points to sacred archetype, communicating energies through space and form. The symbol of weaving, for me, is one of the great mystery of creation- the divine coming into physical manifest. Many questions have been in my heart as I create the work- and the pieces resonate in this yearning for spiritual awakening. By creating a conversation or asking a question in the interactive portion of the piece, I hope to invite an opening for others to consider their own path and journey, and join a synergy of creating a piece from the contribution of many.


The Launchbox by MOLDOVER

The Launchbox is constructed using the ConnecTable jambox platform. This is a new kind of jambox emphasizing the maker/hacker/DIY ethos. The tools and resources used to create jamboxes have become so popular and widespread that THOUSANDS of people around the world have EVERYTHING they need to build their own. This is where my skill as a designer, and my helpful community of builder-type friends, come in! ConnecTable is a complete design for a modular jambox system using the most popular music making tools. There are literally hundreds of thousands of “obsolete” USB MIDI controllers with a 2-octave keyboard or 16 drum pads floating around out there. Practically every musician and DJ has a copy of Ableton Live software. It’s become a ubiquitous platform for writing and performing music. And who doesn’t have an old home-stereo receiver or a pair of old computer speakers sitting in a closet somewhere? All that’s missing is a carefully thought out design that will turn creation of a jambox from a complicated and expensive undertaking, to something affordable, easy and fun. All the design files and templates will be available soon at jamboxes.net. Download and make your own!

This ConnecTable was made with controllers and an audio interface donated by Novation. The sound content comes largely from the Ninja Tune app Ninja Jamm. The software is courtesy of Ableton, Cycling 74, and Sugar Bytes. The other components are Moldover’s private stash, and new materials brought to you by False Profit. Go team!

Trippled Helix by Piotr Wojnarski

I think of the illusion created by this fountain as being analogous to our perception of reality itself, how we can alter what we see or experience as individuals just by changing what we choose to highlight or ignore, and how reality itself can be broken down into frequencies, sound, light, etc. I hope people are reminded of these things and transported into meditative states through the other-worldly nature of this particular illusion and reminded of the incredible life giving properties of water and the critical part it plays in the evolution of DNA and life on our planet.

Emergent Agency by Chris Linder

Emergent Agency (EA) is an interactive light and sound installation which encourages people to play with both the piece and each other by responding to presence and motion. This project, as a part of a larger and ongoing conceptual exploration, seeks to raise individual awareness of the participatory nature of environments and objects. By presenting you with an environment that reacts to their presence in a seductive and immediate fashion, we hope to entice you to discover the deeper and more rewarding reactions with more conscious investigation. Through this, we intend to create what in essence is a conceptual mimicry of the natural, social, or internal environment: where the first step in active engagement is to be aware of your power to influence things, and each successive step into the careful and considerate dialogue with the environment and diverse others who inhabit it yields greater depth of experience.

Electronic Fireflies by Christoph Maier

I’m fascinated by building neurons in electronics, but this happens mostly in academia, which is a walled garden … and so are corporations, driven by false profit, as y’all observe. With turning the bionic blinkenlights into art, I hope to create an experience of neural computation that needs no technical explanation.

Cephalopod Skin Installation by Todd Anderson

Cephalopods (squid, cuttlefish, octopus, nautilus) are famous for their ability to adjust their body color patterning on a millisecond time scale. Their skin is covered in many small organs called chromatophores, which are elastic sacs of pigment ringed by muscle fibers. When the fibers contract upon receiving a signal from the brain, the ball stretches into a disc and the pigment spreads across a wide area, changing the color of the skin. Patterns created by many chromatophores working together are strikingly beautiful. The goal of this simulation attract aesthetic interest in cephalopods, their skin, and the intersection of math and biology in general. I am inspired by this quote, attributed to Kant “Beautiful is that which is appealing without interest”.


Fractal Growth by Andy Lee

Fractals, especially man made ones have geometries which have traditionally be difficult to make physical forms of and allow people to hold in their hands, but with the emergence of more 3D printers they are soon to become a more common aspect of our lives and an important tool in designing parts efficiently. It is the hope of the artist to introduce some of the base forms to the event attendees as physical models and to create a space where one can contemplate the fractal geometry of nature while having a visionary experience.


The Light Orchestra by Ka-Ping Yee

The Light Orchestra is an instrument: something you can learn to play, alone or with others, to express yourself and bring delight to an audience. Its goal is to be expressive enough that you can spend time learning to master it, while responsive and intuitive enough that it is immediately rewarding to experiment with. In my favourite storybook, the Phantom Tollbooth, there is a scene in which Chroma the Great conducts the sunset. I love how that scene combines movement, light, and music, and I love seeing people discover the thrill of being a performer like Chroma.


String Practice by Ruza Markov

I would like to change your interaction with the environment through patterns and colors by contributing a sculpture made out of strings. Although very regular, repeating pattern of rays of strings is organically supported by branches of trees and this airy geometry stands in strong contrast with trees that support it.

Watercolor Walls by Anticlockwise Arts

Watercolor Walls is an interactive and collaborative projection based installation created by Anticlockwise Arts, a group that combines technology with traditional art. This installation represents an ever-enthusiastic integration of cutting-edge open source technology with interactively engaging environments. We strive to inspire an effortless sense of creative play among its participants and unleash the joy of using nothing but the movement of your own body as the agent of expression. We seek to inspire collaborative group play by designing interactions that reward teamwork with the most unique and entertaining types of visual and auditory creation.

Mandalabra by Robb Pope and Forest Stearns

This piece is meant to convey a sense of calm and idyllic beauty to a viewer. The term “Temple in Nature” should come to mind when people see this installation

Untitled by Daniel Garcia

This is an ongoing evolution of led/light projects that I’ve worked on over the past two years, combining the structural idea/place of the setup I had at priceless two years ago with the form and style of liquid eye from last year. With the lights themselves I’m enjoying playing with the lines between light and shadow, and playing with light arrangements that are getting away from lines and grids, as well as programs and patterns that give the piece a life of its own.

Now, I want to move beyond the technical side of led arrangement and programming, and into creating spaces for people to enter and be surrounded and enveloped by the lights and the patterns. This (still unnamed) piece/project is another step in that direction.

Articulum by Vibrata Chromodoris

The stage is set and music will happen, under the Articulum — a continuation of my exploration in large-scale 3D.

The Articulum is inspired by the vertebrae of the spine, inextricably joined, yet flexible and expressive, arching over an endlessly unfolding creative moment. It is both a center and a passage way, focusing energies and amplifying them outwards.

Thanks for downloading!