june 30 – july 3, 2017

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2012 Art Grantees

We are excited and honored to have the following installations at Priceless 2012. Every year, we accept art grant proposals from the community and are blown away with what you come up with. Congrats to all of this year’s recipients, we can’t wait to see your creations in Belden!!

Priceless Sprites

Artist: Vibrata Chromodoris
URL: vibrata.com

Since Mary and Stephen created the marvelous hanging light sculptures several years ago to hang from the Belden bridge, there’s been a desire for an encore; an installation that plays with the romance and mystical beauty of the beach in Belden Town at night. Enter the Priceless Sprites. The Priceless Sprites are precisely designed and cut wood pieces that are assembled flat-pack style without nails or screws. They range in size from 3.5’ to 5’ in length, hang from sturdy chain and are lit from within with ultra-bright colored strobes. The Priceless Sprites combine a visual aesthetic of fanciful, mythical curves and shapes with a playful electrical light-show, sending a nod to both literary and scientific sources of inspiration.

The Antennae and Feeler Show

Artists: Jean Rintoul and Qarly Q
The Antennae and Feeler show is an interactive experience which will explore waves and our perception/experience of them – Lightwaves, compression waves, standing waves, sitting waves, laying down waves. Jean and Qarly hope to inspire people to think about life as a complex interaction between waves, constructively and destructively interfering with each other.

Magic Square

Artists: Zac Witte & David Kelso
Magic Square is an interactive dance floor and game platform. The surface consists of a grid of semi-translucent light-up buttons that can be activated by stepping on them. The grid is controlled by a microcontroller that is programmed with a number of patterns and sequences that are triggered on button activation. Magic Square is intended for multi-participant (combinations of button activations trigger unique sequences), single-participant, or no-participant (automated visualization mode). In multiparticipant mode, Magic Square inspires communication and play between the participants as they attempt to create patterns together.

A Moveable Feast

Artist: Daniel Busby

A Moveable Feast is an eight person pedal powered kinetic sculpture that provides a surreal location to have highly decadent meals. The eight pilots are seated around a beautifully decorated table, while they pedal underneath. A crystal chandelier dangles overhead, providing just the right mood-lighting for great conversation and a relaxing meal. Priceless attendees will be able to ride through town while they have their dinner. The goal of A Moveable Feast is to create a unique and interesting place to enjoy a meal. Eating food while pedaling along is as surreal to the riders as it is to the passersby.

Watermelon Dragon

Artists: Shawn Feeney with Louisa Bukiet
URL: www.theinvisibleunderground.com

Shawn Feeney reveals the secret life of plants through fruit carving, vegetable sculpture, and edible alchemy. His contribution to Priceless is his largest watermelon sculpture yet. In honor of summery fruit and the Chinese year of the water dragon, Shawn is creating a dragon from nearly a dozen watermelons! The dragon offers its tasty fruit to lucky Priceless attendees.

VST: Morocco (Installation #1)

Artist: officerfishdumplings
URL: officerfishdumplings.com

This project by officerfishdumplings is intended as the first installation in an ongoing series of works under the header «VST: Morocco» (the VST stands for Virtual Sensory Tourism). Every time officerfishdumplings visits his family in Morocco, he seeks out traditional musicians, records their music, and photographs the experience. When participants play with the installation at Priceless – a laptop, MIDI controller, and noise-canceling headphones – they will be triggering and manipulating sounds and photos, creating unique audio-visual remixes on the fly. Through its exploration of a more personal approach to the electronic music practice of sampling, this installation will not only allow attendees to temporarily escape the predominant Priceless sensory stimuli, but also begin to educate them about Moroccan sensibilities in a fun and engaging way.
Read full artist statement here. (PDF)

Light People

Artist: Roland Blandy

“The Light Man” found-object lighting sculpture is returning to Belden with his mate, “The Light Woman” and their happy family of new creatures, including a Typewriter Insect, a Brass Handle Puppy, and other found objects remade into a new life (art) forms. The light man and woman are nearly human size and their growing family of mystical creatures are a variety of animal pet sizes. Together, they provide forest lighting and a magical vibe.

Pipe Dream

Artist: Warp Zone
URL: http://moomers.com/~jered/pipe-dream
Pipe Dream is a modular steel jungle gym designed for exploring, dangling, and dancing.
Warp Zone created Pipe Dream because one of their favorite things to do is climb on things and hang out up high, looking at the view. They also wanted a structure that was pleasing to the eye, with clean straight lines and interesting interference patterns. Pipe Dream beautifully manifests both of these goals and will provide a new kind of space for Priceless participants.

Protista Obscura

Artist: Jessica Polka

Protista Obscura will bring a social dimension to the immersive, visually engaging experience of observing strange life through a microscope. Participants will recline, side by side, gazing up at a planetarium-like dome onto which is projected a live video feed of microorganisms swimming and living out their life under the microscope. As currents make tiny particles rise and set like stars, beautiful, ethereal, alien creatures will meander across the canopy, colliding harmlessly or, with luck, trying to eat each other. This art piece will capture the fully immersive quality of the microscopic experience, rather than simply watching a small screen with the external visual distractions of everyday life.

A Place of Stillness

Artist: Mary Franck with Nicole Aptekar

Mary Franck makes luminous dreamlike video installations and performances. Her works anthropomorphize the machine and explore the ways in which technology augments human experience and perception. A Place of Stillness is a wavelike series of painted, frames that form a rear projection screen – a textural, sculptural form by day that comes alive at night with light and video. Inspired by organic patterns and systems, generative algorithms and symbolism, the video for this piece will emerge, grow, coalesce and crystallize over the course of the evening. Nicole Aptekar will assist in the design and fabrication of the frames.

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