june 30 – july 3, 2017

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2011 Art Grantees

Below is the art from Priceless 2011. Congrats to all of this year’s recipients!

Priceless Passage

Artist: Vibrata Chromodoris
URL: http://vibrata.com/

Through the Priceless Passageway you will shift into an altered reality. Gather yourself at the entrance, prepare to leave behind your mundane concerns and transition into a space where elevated states of awareness can be conjured through interaction with music and friends.

Infinite Sympathy

Artist: Toby Schachman

Infinite Sympathy is a brass tube mounted to a table between two chairs. Within the tube are mirrors forming a kaleidoscope and a ring of light on either side. The setup invites two viewers to simultaneously look through the tube and see each other’s eye reflected off into infinity.

Petal Pushah

Artist: Joolzah

Petal Pushah seeks to engage audiences into a reflection on their perception of nature. Natural landscapes move us as a composite whole, but through habituation and urban desensitization we often overlook the ingenious and stunning detail in designs and vibrance of individual elements. By carefully selecting materials from a variety of California’s forests, beaches, fields and open spaces, Petal Pushah presents a new relationship between organic and inorganic substances originating from different habitats.

The Garden of Forking Paths

Artist: Ari Makridakis

Express Yourself! This project turns art-viewers into participants by using digital technology to help them create a unique art-piece that truly feels like theirs. Viewers-turned-artists use custom-built software shown on a large, free-standing computer screen to create a piece that speaks especially powerfully to them.

The Life In Things

Artist: Scatha G. Allison aka Miss Velvet Cream
URL: http://missvelvetcream.blogspot.com/

The Life In Things is a wearable art / sculptural installation piece that crosses the boundaries between Art and Fashion, between Inside and Outside, between Viewer and Participant. As a sculpture, the piece invokes the quiet energy of the natural world, the ideas of the Earth as a living energy, embodied in the female form, clothed as Diana, Queen of the Forest. At the same time, as a piece of clothing, a dress, it is Fashion, Clothing, Wearable Art, hung as on a mannequin. Both of these distinctions are become mute as one slips in-between the skirts, into the installation space, claimed and marked where there is no expectation, a secret room between the folds of fabrics.

Ophkilter Chandelier

Artists: Stephanie Tholand, Jean Rintoul, Lou Bukiet, Mick Hornbeck, Ben Lipkowitz and Matty Goodman

The Ophkilter Chandelier will twist and glow over your head, changing colors and shape as you dance beneath it in our woodland ballroom.

Duck Duck Tea

Artist: Morley John & Iris Lapalme

Hidden in the forest, away from the excitement and music of the main stages, sits a teacup. A saucer. A chandelier hangs from the trees, swaying gently back and forth in the breeze. Low tables surrounded by comfortable cushions sit in dappled sunlight. Everything looks so dainty! So inviting! The saucers arranged just so, the sparkling teacups hanging from hooks on slender branches, the steam rising warmly from the kettle. Exhausted from an afternoon of adventures, you perch on a tuffet, letting your cares slowly melt away. But don’t look too closely, or you may be disturbed to learn that not everything is as dainty and charming as you first imagined…

Mythical Creatures Lighting

Artist: Roland Blandy

Event lighting in the form of giant mythical creatures: a centipede made of out sculpted wood, larger power station insulators, and LEDs. To accompany this large beast, I will also have several smaller lit sculptures made of found objects which will hang from trees and glow in and around the undergrowth. The essential step to creating my work is to be able to see things not as they really are, to see the potential future of a disregarded object and give it a new life. I want to bring the joy and playfulness of using imagination to others.

Fiat Lux

Artist: Team Sparkle (Michelle, Michael Broxton, Tim Jones, Brendan)

First theorized by Albert Einstein in 1917, it would take an additional forty-three years for visible lasers to come to fruition. It was during this time when historians first noted a precipitous incline in fun in the academic sector. This condition continued until the 1982 breakthrough in which laser technology began to trickle down the social ladder, spreading fun and enjoyment to the masses. Despite this tremendous success, we believe this technology can be further improved! Fiat Lux incorporates the latest in laser technology combined with advancements in the fields of computing and acoustics to produce a visual centerpiece for the chill stage at Priceless 2011. The lasers will scatter the light to create a milky, soft surface where the three laser colors (red, green, and blue) can mix to create interesting hues & complex interference patterns. Some patterns will be slowly evolving, indistinct blobs of color while others will be crisp visualizations of the audio. The DJ table itself is white with clean lines and intricate cutout shapes. It will set the tone for a futuristic aesthetic that the chill stage deco team is aiming for this year. By combining Fiat Lux’s design pattern with mellow beats, a picturesque landscape, and new loving friends; a free and glorious Golden Age of fun will continue unabated.

Let’s Distill Priceless

Artist: Monica Fine
URL: www.shalomorganics.com

An herbal walk where we will identify and sustainably and respectfully harvest aromatic plants in season that we can distill. We will return to the 5 gallon Copper Alembic Distillation Unit (The Still) and fill it with our findings and fresh water. We will then turn on the heat and watch the alchemy drip out of the condenser coil and into our glass jar. You will learn about how to use hydrosols and various forms of aromatherapy. You will be able to take away some of this distillate for your own use and memory of this years Priceless. Scents are processed in the limbic system where your memories are stored, so this will be a truly special reminder of this magical journey.

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