june 30 – july 3, 2017

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Arrivals Announcement

This page is dedicated to one thing only: Helping you figure out how to arrive and depart from Priceless 2012 as smoothly as possible. As always, we face a significant challenge handling all the cars that arrive at Belden over a short period of time. We rely on your patience and cooperation to keep things moving. For the most accurate info on this topic, we turned to our Arrivals Team so you could get the scoop straight from the experts.

Before we get to that info, we’d like you to do us a very quick and very important favor. If you haven’t done so already,  please jump over here and let us know when you think you’ll be leaving Belden to return home. This will greatly help us in our planning. We’ll wait a sec while you go take care of that…

…All done? Great, thanks.

Now, the dirt straight from our Arrivals Team:

  • Firstly, and very importantly: –Gates open at 4pm on Friday, June 29. Please do not arrive early or you will be ridiculed and turned away.
  •  Please be patient with us when you arrive, we have a lot of people to take care of. We know you have come a long way and we will try to get you inside and to the fun part as soon as possible!
  • Once you cross the bridge, the door volunteers will greet you and get you checked in and wrist-banded.
  • You’ll then head through town where the campsite team will get you into an unloading spot. If all the spots are full, please bear with us as we have you wait at the edge of town.
  • After unloading all people and gear (as quickly and safely as possible!), your driver will bring the car back to the gate, where the parking team will direct him/her to either your onsite parking spot (all onsite passes currently sold out), or get you headed north to the offsite parking lot (offiste parking is $20 per car or FREE for cars with 3 or more people).
  • The shuttle team will be running back and forth to bring drivers back to Belden Town! Note that the shuttle takes some time–drivers should avail themselves of the comfort station which will ease the delay.
  • IMPORTANT: Please try to arrive by 2am late Friday night (technically, Saturday morning). If you arrive later, you may miss the last shuttle. We’ll check you in and temporarily park your car onsite, but you’ll have to move your car the next morning, and we’re pretty sure you won’t want to do that.
  • You will have very limited access to your cars. We’ll be running occasional shuttles only between 2am Saturday and 6pm Sunday. If you need it, unload it!
  • We will have a shuttle schedule posted near the door.
  • If you have any issues during this process, don’t hesitate to have an arrivals volunteer assist you or get an arrivals lead to help you out! If Dre and Massive Bri cannot answer your arrivals question, we’ll come up with some sort of special merit badge for you. Most importantly, relax and settle in to the party, and feel free to reward your tireless arrivals volunteers with hugs, jokes, cheer, and–after their shift ends–gifts involving very good whiskey.

Thank you!!
Your friendly Priceless Arrivals Leads and the rest of False Profit, LLC

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