june 30 – july 3, 2017

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2016 Activities

Dancing to the Flow

with Shuang + Tripp
Energize your day with integrating dance and creative exploration of movement with light prop manipulation. We will start the interactive dance course with a Hakka warm up to get our senses going. Followed up with an introduction on the flow arts with use of props such as fans, poi, staffs, and pieces of cloth.

Bring props if you have any.

The Fluidity of Gyrokinesis

with Domini
Add a little detox and flexibility to your weekend at Priceless by joining Domini in an hour long class blending somatic awareness, core breathwork, and Gyrokinesis. Originally called “Yoga for Dancers”, Gyrokinesis fluidly moves the body through yogic positions, referencing both kundalini and hatha flows. Expect to leave class with a limber spine, more muscle tone, and an incredibly good mood.

You will need a rough, dry towel for some self-massage at the beginning of class.

Poetry and Prose

with David
Read and be read to. Feel the power of affective language in the form of poetry or short poetic prose at the boundary of Priceless, at the liminal hour. We will provide material and please bring your favorite works.

Learn Music Improv with Jamboxes

with Moldover
Priceless 2016 will feature several of Moldover’s multiplayer instruments AKA “jamboxes”. They are super easy and fun to play even with zero musical training, but what if you DO have a little training, specifically the kind that will make you awesome at jamming? Come and learn the basic vocabulary of improvisation including things like phrasing, dynamics, rhythmic variation, call & response, and how to embrace accidents. Bring your ears!

Clown Customs 101

with Banyan
Doesn’t getting slapped in the face hurt? Not if you’ve studied slapstick. Come to this brief exploration of physical theater and revel in the ancient art of convincingly pretending to knock out your friends. We promise it won’t hurt. Really.

Hug Workshop

with Issac
Explore hugs old and new in the Hug Workshop. Hugging is easy but everyone can practice to improve their skills more. Enrich your hugging, improve your technique, share your style, spread the love!

Buugeng 101

with Rion
Explore the history and techniques of Buugeng. You’ll become familiar with terminology and practice stretches, and then play around with some tricks of the trade.

Couples Massage

with Miri
The human body is full of surprises. In this playshop we will explore and learn basic muscle anatomy, discuss different philosophies of massage, and put together a sequence that we can practice on our massage partners.

Not Your Average Intro to AcroYoga Class

with Charles + Alyssa
Learn some of the more exotic intro poses of AcroYoga. Use strength, balance, flexibility, proprioception and communication to move and play with one another, spice up that instagram feed, and finally gain the respect of your parents*. This workshop is accessible for absolute beginners, but more challenging modifications can be given to those who have some prior AcroYoga experience. We’ll ensure a fun & safe experience for everyone, giving you skills, games, and poses you can share with others during and after Priceless. (No partner required, kid friendly with adult supervision). Kid friendly with adult supervision. *Parental approval not guaranteed.

Mölkky Tournament

with Brendan
The great outdoor game from Finland makes its Priceless debut.

Remembering the Magic Moment

with Sylvan
Learn to create a ring of comfort and fearlessness that radiates from you to inspire a chain reactions of creative outbursts. Similar to the way laughter spreads, the magic moment transmits total acceptance of one another and the dissolves fear and self-consciousness. It is a positive spiral that gives birth to expression and comfort. Learn to bring emotions into your dancing. Wear your fear, joy, anger, sadness, and shame on your sleeve. Work to be comfortable with your weaknesses and show them to everyone around you. Innervate your movement with imagination by adding visual, tactile, and other sensory components to movements. Watch your comrades closely, they have much to teach you.

Priceless in a Bottle

with Andrea
An experiment in capturing Priceless in a bottle. Forage for priceless essence, sourced from this magical pocket of time-space: from the forest, from the water, from our memories, from crumbs, from poems & ramblings, from our licks, from roots, from belly button lint, from our favorite spices, from dungeons & dreadlocks, from our breath, from our makeshift dwellings and our secrets. Share intentions & secret gifts with others to bottle into their keepsake test tube talismans.

Introduction to Japanese Sword Fighting

with Joey
Kenjutsu is the method or technique of the sword. Using a shinai, a lightweight bamboo training sword, this hands-on playshop will cover basics on the sword, stance, footwork, strikes, and more! We will also discuss philosophies, tactics, and strategies for a balanced practice.

Sprezzatura — A Workshop in the Arts of Pricelessness

with E.J.
Coined by 16th-century humanist Baldesar Castiglione, “sprezzatura” means, literally, ‘unpricedness’ or ‘setting no price on’. Iintroduced as the counterbalance to the concept of “grazia,” or grace, Castiglione offers sprezzatura as a democratizing force, by which those of us lacking the natural graces of hereditary nobility might, yet, find our way to a place among them. The quality of having no price, of being “unpriced,” renders an object simultaneously of immense potential value and yet, paradoxically, of no value at all. That is, sprezzatura (n.) is the quality of one who perpetually, habitually, sets ‘no price’ upon things, people, qualities. One who embodies this quality not only performs it in her own character, but imports it to her world-view: all things, actions, people, qualities become, as a matter of course, un-priceable: priceless and worthless all at once.
In this three-part workshop, participants will enact their own humanist mini-educations, developing the necessary physical skills to visually demonstrate their courtly graces while manufacturing confirmation of the inborn nature of their talents through specifically-tailored rhetorical performances.

Part I: Rolling the perfect cigarette while casually shutting down the conversation with choice soundbites from Marxist philosophy
Part II: Effortlessly folding origami cranes while wryly suggesting the impenetrable lessons of zen koans
Part III: Expertly applying liquid eyeliner while reciting Renaissance sonnets

F^ck Free Radicals! Let’s Spa Belden

with Morgan
Come and enjoy a relaxing spa experience in the woods with us. Morgan will share recipes for her favorite face masks, toners, moisturizers, and salt/sugar scrubs for different skin types using natural ingredients like essential oils and food that’s likely already in your kitchen. We’ll exchange head massages and nourishing poems while our masks dry. Since we’re unlikely to stop partying any time soon, let’s correct the free radical damage our bodies inevitably sustain in the process using all the yummy plant materials!


with Geoffrey
Ever tried to juggle and just ended up dropping everything? Well, that is normal! Join us, regardless of skill level, and learn a nice range of techniques while practicing alongside new friends. Let’s try and beat last years goal of seven clubs in the air — are you ready?

Acro-Inspired Games

with Leyla + John
Join for acro-yoga inspired, partner and group acrobatic games. Try human twister and puzzles, slooooooooooow races, and more. Kids ages 6+ welcomed.

Bad Idea Birthday Party Games

with Nicholas + Rachel + Bad Seal
This Priceless, we’ll celebrate the birthdays of Bad Seal, Nicholas, and anyone else with a Priceless birthday. Our birthday party will feature classic kids party games… with a twist. How will you fare in Coca-Cola roulette or chubby bunny? What will happen when Belden is overtaken by a giant game of blob tag? How good are your partner’s beauty salon skills… blindfolded? Wear the best birthday party clothes you don’t mind getting a bit messy, or better yet, just wear your swimsuit. Birthday partiers of all ages and all species welcome. There will be a list of fantastic games to choose from, and of course, fabulous prizes for the winners.

Interactive Storytelling

with Kate
You find yourself in a dusty Cantina surrounded by the roughest, rowdiest hooligans from across the universe. A small droid rolls up to you. His ‘beeps’ and ‘boops’ are difficult to decipher, but you can tell he urgently desires you to follow him. It’s a message. For you. But this droid… he’s a coy one. He refuses to deliver his message unless you give him something in return… What does he want?? What message could he possible have for you?? Find this cheeky, little robot throughout Belden Town to find the answers you so desire. A special message will be revealed at the Mos Eisley Canteena on Saturday night!

Human Portrait Test

with Jabreel
Discover if you’re human by sitting for a portrait. As art historian Erwin Panofsky recognized, a portrait not only captures physical resemblance but “seeks to bring out whatever the sitter has in common with the rest of humanity.” Portraiture is the original biometric screening.
Bring out your inner self. Or let renowned portrait artist jabreel bring it out for you. If it exists.

Ignite Priceless

with Brady
Join us for Ignite talks in the woods. These talks will each be five minutes long with 20 slides [alternatives to slides welcome] and only 15 seconds a slide [or prop]. We want to hear about your projects & stories — unconventional topics welcome.

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Port & Poetry

with Jane
Ports are well known locations for cultural exchange, and hijinx. Sip. Float. Listen to poems about the nautical, marine, and moist. Come barging in!

Herbal Refresh for Festival Wellness

with Montserrat + Dashal
Montserrat and Dashal share their expertise as acupuncturists and herbalists, teaching tools for self-care at Priceless. Festival goers will make their own cooling hydrosol using essential oils while learning the art of herbal sun tea.

We will begin with a short description of the medicinal properties of various cooling Chinese herbs. Participants choose which essential oils they want to use in their own hydrosol mixture to stay healthy and fresh during the festival. Hydrosol base, essential oils and bottles will be provided for each participant. Recipe will be given for those who wish to make at home.

Bike Intertube Crafting

with Danielle
Shoot, busted another tire on your bike? You might have to walk home, but once you get home you can turn that busted flat into a groovy craft project. Learn how to make bracelets, tote bags, vests and other cool projects using recycled bike intertubes.

Hoops, Hoops, Hoops

with Leila
Join in this playshop and get introduced to skills starting basic and working towards more complex. Then the group will work together to choreograph a short combo and share learnings. Once we all are ready, we will have a hoop dance party to confirm our learnings. Bring a hoop if you have one—Leila will bring hoops as well.

Unleash Your Inner Power Animal

with Doug
Through guided meditation and sharing of stories, participants will learn how to identify and access their power animal and how to embody it to become their true selves.

The Art of Slackline

with David
Can you walk on thin air? Curious to try? Learn the basics of slackline from equipment set-up, getting on the line, walking the line, and the reality of gravity. Slacklining is not a competition with others; it is a competition between yourself, gravity, and the line. It is a meditative practice that lets you block out everything else. Anyone who has ever thought about jumping on a line should attend—or even if this is the first time you’re hearing about it. Anyone can slackline if they try to.

Transformation Through Transition

with Bisi
Using movement, sound meditation, reflection and journaling, explore the ways to transform through any transition going through 4 stages: letting go, finding peace, rejuvenation and creation.

Integrating Your Peak Experience

with Justin
Have you ever returned from a life-changing experience such as festival, trip or ceremony and struggled to live from that vibrant, magical place within yourself that you now know to exist? It common to experience a sense of disillusionment, fragmentation, come-down, and compartmentalization from these expansive states.. Peak experiences, such as these, are vital for initiating radical change in yourself and the world because they plant seeds of possibility. Now that you’ve already had a taste of infinity, how many more “Ah-ha!” moments will you need before you can become the person you want to be? What is “enough” and how do you even know when you’re full? This workshop is designed to address these questions and help you discover that the meaning and satisfaction you reach for is already at your fingertips. Through a creative framework based in somatics, energy medicine, and mindfulness, participate in discussion and interactive exercises that allow you to bridge your highest expression with the more ordinary ways you know yourself.

Awkward is in the Eye of the Beholder

with Jeana
Whether you’re looking for the elusive burn-night hook-up or wanting to level up your relationship skills, knowing how to tackle awkward conversational topics benefits everyone. With the utter lack of comprehensive sex education in the U.S. – for both children and adults – we’re left to figure this stuff out on our own. In this workshop, we’ll cover everything from consent basics to having The Talk about STI and/or relationship status, giving you the communication tools to be awesome instead of awkward.

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