june 30 – july 3, 2017

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2015 Activities

Wanting to learn something new? Or maybe you just want a little break from all the music and dancing. Or a different kind of space to let your brain and body play. Priceless wouldn’t be priceless without activities.

Without further ado, here are the activities which will be at Priceless this year!

Kids of All Ages — Be Sure to Bring Your Parents!


with Satoko + sounds by XPRXO
Baseworks is a lifestyle approach incorporating movement, physiology, and contemporary philosophy aimed at improving and enhancing all aspects of life. Inspired by hatha yoga, the Baseworks Practice System combines corrective movement and subtle breathing to create a balance of strength, flexibility, and introspection.

Frontier Games

with Gasrag + Creepybear
Life was a mighty troublesome ordeal on the western frontier. Hardship was in no short order and maintaining a clan of kin and associates amid brawls, thievery, and disease was not an easy feat. So it is no surprise [to even the most moonshine muddled mind] that the fine folks of the frontier were well equipped with games and entertainment to forget their hardships and build the strongest bonds.

Frontier Games brings together the best of old and new frontier amusement including Railroad Tie [Down], Knife Toss, Blindman’s Bank Robbin’, Damsel in Distress, Bedroom Bindle Tying, Syphilis Spin the Bottle, and the Famous Shot Wheel — to name a few. Long carry the compass and the flask. We are the true frontier.

New Games

with Alexander
Come join and play in the non-competitive group games to bring smiles and laughs to all involved. Be prepared to jump, run, yell, and stretch. Basically Alexander misses being a camp counselor. Come relive the glory days when you had nothing to worry about but playing silly games!

Off-Piste Bocce Ball Tournament

with Amanda
Join us for the first annual off piste bocce ball tournament. We supply the balls, you bring eager hands. All of Belden is your court and the tournament will wander as we play. Who will be crowned the ultimate victor? Very special prizes will be given for throwing style, bocce-related humor (ball jokes?), outrageous outfits, as well as actual skill level. Come compete, bet on competitors, or stand on the side and heckle. All levels of participation welcome.

Pewter Casting + Solar Flux

with Brendan
Pewter Casting + Solar Flux = Metallic Souvenirs & Hot and sweaty Dionysian glee! Come join this rapid prototyping session to develop our design thinking to produce pewter objects. In the process we will learn to construct solar ovens, make two-part molds, and heat, pour, and clean molten metal. Bring an apron!

Belden Bucket Marching Band

with Chris
Welcome to Belden, where a troop of the world’s most funky marching drummers are about to rock it out. Guess what!?!? You are one of them!

Grab a plastic bucket, decorate it, and express yourself through your bucket-drum. We will learn bucket-drum rhythms for marching, then drum about as we march through Belden Town! Materials provided, but everyone is encouraged to bring anything for inspiration!

Intro to AcroYoga

with Charles + Alyssa

Join us for a lesson in the foundational poses of AcroYoga. This workshop is accessible for absolute beginners and more challenging modifications can be given for those who have some prior Acro experience. We will ensure a fun safe experience for everyone, giving people a skill they can share with others during and after Priceless. Bring a partner, or meet someone there.

Tales by Moonlight

with Bisi
Learn the art of Improvisation from five of our very own Priceless Troubadours! Through the arts of storytelling, acting, and singing we will facilitate how to be in “the flow” of improvisation!


with Gabe + Bonnie
The PGA [Priceless Golfers’ Association] brings you the BeldenPutt Distributed Minigolf Tournament. The Tournament is distributed in both space and time! The holes are dispersed all over Belden, and you can find and play the holes at your own pace. Collect a themed flag from each hole and turn them in at the end of the tournament to win fabulous cash prizes.

Looking for the final hole so you may claim your prize? Keep you eyes out for a gentleman with a golf tee at the Binary Ball.


with Geoffrey
Do you want to learn how to juggle? Do you have piles of juggling equipment that you rarely get a chance to share? How about we put them together!

Anyone can learn to juggle three balls! The first step is throwing one ball back and forth between your hands, and the other steps follow from there. There will be tools for play, feel free to bring other objects to manipulate — contact balls, sticks of various kinds, etc…!

The Art of the Bag — Cooking Meat Sous Vide

with Anya + Michael
Since humanity first tamed fire, we have relied on heat to improve the safety, available nutritional content, texture, and flavor of our meat. Join us as we explore a modern cooking technique that offers unprecedented control over the transfer of energy into our food. This interactive and delicious foray into sous vide cooking is one of the most precise methods available for preparing meat.

The Power of Play: Yoga + Clown

with Banyan
Come to move. Come to stretch. Come to hoot, holler, shake, giggle, and slap your friends in the FACE without actually causing damage. Clowns are not actors who ‘pretend’, — they learn to display and exaggerate true emotion. In this introduction to the form we will play a few games in the interest of discovering our inner joys and how cathartic the release of those joys can be. Laughter may ensue.

Adult Only


with Miles
Join Miles for meditation and mindful movement.

Words, Words, Words

with Dylan
Bring poems to read or recite. We will have some available for last minute inspiration, but better to bring your own. Even better, come as your favorite dead poet.

Bonding through Bondage

with Megan
Come discover how to facilitate intimacy through the beautiful and sensual art of rope bondage. Along with some basic knot-tying, you will learn how to hold the role of dominant / submissive, play with tension, and perhaps even help bring your partner to a greater state of surrender and trust.

Womb Redux

with Nilesh
Relive your first experience in this world [or in your current life for the resurrectionists]. Provided is a space to mute your aging senses and reconstruct your identity with the environment provided to you at the time you were born.

Miasma : or Suspicions about the Hidden Realities of the Air

with Matt + Jane
I say, then, in the year 2015, into the distinguished city of Belden there entered a deadly pestilence. Whether one believes that it came through the influence of the heavenly bodies or that God, justly angered by our iniquities, sent it for our correction, in any case it had begun a year earlier and killed an innumerable mass of people, spreading steadily and growing as it moved.

No doctor’s advice, no medicine seemed to be of any help. Either the disease was incurable or the doctors simply did not know how to cure it. Many tried, though. The number of doctors became huge : a multitude of people, male and female, with no medical training whatsoever. But no one knew the cause of the pestilence and thus no one could do much about curing it, so not only were few people healed but most of them died by the third day after the aforementioned signs appeared, some a bit sooner or a bit later. Most of them died without any fever or other symptoms.

Daytime Plague Doctor costume workshop, to be followed by the Quarantining and the Administering of Cures. Some materials will be provided; contributions welcome.

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