june 30 – july 3, 2017

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2014 Activities

Wanting to learn something new? Or maybe you just want a little break from all the music and dancing. Or a different kind of space to let your brain and body play. Priceless wouldn’t be priceless without activities.

Without further ado, here are the activities which will be at Priceless this year!

Rocks from Space!!

Ever seen a shooting star whizzing through the sky? That was a rock from outer space!

Morgan Loves-Weird-Rocks Martinez, a cosmochemist in training and part-time intergalactic explorer, will be bringing some of these extraterrestrial rocks a.k.a. meteorites to hold, examine, sniff and smell (no licking, please, this iteration of your life is at stake)! Let us take a Jupiter moment (≈11.9 Earth moments) to discuss what these rocks have to say about their home planets and asteroids!

Knotty Tea Service

Calli Beck teaches a basic introduction to 6 essential functioning knots during a Gong Fu tea service.

The art of rock balancing

Dr. Bonnie Muffington, scientist and precision handwork aficionado, is lending her unusually steady hands for an hour of artistic rock stacking. Get in touch with Belden’s unique geology while you execute gravity-defying towers of pebbles. We’ll grapple with questions like: What does shale taste like? Can I balance one more stone on this pile? Is serpentinite truly the sexiest rock? This activity is all ages; whether you like it clastic or crystalline, come get a little boulder with us.

Kids: what’s the deal?

An open discussion where the kid-curious can find out what it’s like through the looking glass. Come meet some of the people raising children our community. No kids allowed!

Facilitated by Gregory — the lead planner on kid-related stuff at Priceless.

The Art of Walking the Slackline with David ‘Dino’ Durkin

I’ve been slacklining for over four years now and have been constantly improving my practice along my travels. Slacklining is not a competition but a meditative practice between you, the line, and gravity. It is up to the user to focus and harness control over the balance of the body. It connects you to yourself and allows you to learn the limits of your movements and to work on expanding your range of motion.

The Art of Walking the Line will be an introductory workshop to slacklining. Experts are welcome but the course will focus on teaching attendees what is needed to set up a 1 inch primitive slackline and how to set it up. Once the line is set up, I will expand simple techniques to use in order to get up and walk on the line. I will also demonstrate tricks such as turns, jumping on the line, 180′, 360′, yoga moves, and even backflips off of the line. There will also be a special session for kids. Please join me and come play while also improving your balance.

“Galactivated Partner Yoga”

zach beachacro-alice1
Tired of being all by yourself on a lone yoga mat? Deepen your practice with the challenge and playfulness of acroyoga.
An innovative blend of partner yoga, acrobatics and Thai massage, acroyoga is a great way to practice trust, communication and connection, while discovering all the great ways two bodies can interact. Get ready to have fun, play with others, and get a great workout too!

Zach is a yogi first and foremost, and has been studying for a decade and teaching for two years. Alice started climbing trees when she was 4, tackled climbing mountains as an adult, and currently enjoys climbing on hands and feet through acro-yoga. Together, they are going to lead Priceless in a great balancing act!
No experience or partner necessary, although a foundational physical practice of yoga or some other modality is a plus.

Hooping and Poi Extravaganza

Ashley Booth (www.galaxyhooping.com) is excited to share her hooping knowledge of skill and flow to Priceless once again! The workshop is open to beginners through advanced and will be personalized to each student. Beginner hoops will be available to borrow

Amy Wieliczka has been dancing with props and teaching workshops of all levels for five years! Hailing from Fl-oakland, CA, she’s bringing you this beginners-focused poi flow workshop, focusing on wrist and shoulder range of motion and getting in touch with body movement! All levels welcome! I’ll have a handful of sock poi to share.

Dance Like Everyone’s Your Friend (DLEF)

Unleash Pic 2
Ted catalyzes dance floors wherever he goes and is a master at freestyle dance connections, finding an energized vibe with just about anyone. Groovin’ to your own vibe is great, but connecting and dancing with
someone else’s vibe is even better, right? In this playshop, Ted will take you on an hour-long dance journey that’ll have you turning strangers into dance buddies and grooving with them with “no-contact improv”.

Min age is probably 5-ish and no dance experience necessary!

Investigating your senses: don’t trust your brain earthling!

Earthling Research Group scientist, Liam Holt, will explore how your brain invents, twists and misrepresents reality. Games, activities, and experiments will prove to you that your human neuron flesh computer is defective and should be replaced with a model xt50 (or above) silicon neural net for a more reliable outcome in life.

Experience Vending Machine

The EVM is a retro-futuristic UFO, packed with kits to enhance sensory awareness and human connections produced by the Earthling Research Group (that’s us!). We will also run workshops to create your own experiences (to unleash on your fellow humans), and a class to explore the hidden neurobiology of your earthling senses. This is an all ages experiment.

Tie One On: A Headband-Making Workshop

We’ll hot glue cool stuff onto ties, connect the ends with elastic, and voila! You can “tie” one on! An assortment of doodads provided–florals, beads, feathers, and even electronic gizmos! Come and squirt gooey hot glue with us. Rock your one-of-a-kind headband the rest of the festival.

Interdimensional Air-Brush

Christopher Michael Marcinkowskibut is a creative creature with a magic wand which will shift your face into another dimension. Truth! Chris is running a decorative air-brush booth over the weekend for afternoon drop-in dress-ups. Post transformation, get ready to be greeted with smiles and amazement, elevate your mind and let your inner self shine. Your entire night will change. Don’t forget your camera; you’re gonna have the best selfies ever! And don’t be a stranger to the airbrush booth! Shizam!

Sensory Awareness

Adithya Raghunathan is an experimental meditator, interested in connecting us all back to gravity, breath, and sensations. Come to explore a simple, magical intimacy with your body, our nature, and our humanity. We’ll sit, we’ll stand, we’ll walk, and every time we open up our eyes, we will see something new. This is an all ages, all states of mind activity.

Beginner Trail Run/Hike

Explore Feather River Canyon’s Yellow Creek Trail for an easy trail run–3 miles round trip—for a jog or hike. Smooth, creekside trail. We’ll meet in front of the lodge and head over to the trailhead at the Eby Stamp Mill. Stretching and breakfast after!

Dr Sol: The Dinosaur Sessions

Permian, Devonian, Jurassic, Cretaceous…what does it all mean? If you ever wanted to learn about evolution, dinosaurs or just keep the grand history of life on earth straight in your head, join us!

A remarkably well preserved paleontologist will share his knowledge of megafauna, his fossil collection from the Permian onwards, and even some of his early fossil dig experiences. Come handle prehistoric animal models, and wonder in amazement at the great golden age of paleontological exploration.

The Priceless Art Walk

2012-06-30 18.29.42
A behind the scenes interactive art walk where you can meet the artists, hear their challenges and revel in their triumphs. Returning for it’s third year with your delightful hosts Dougie Fresh and Dustin Boyer.

Slapstick’uh’liscious: Clown and Physical Theater

Wanna learn how to slap your partner in the face (but not hurt them?) How to walk into a wall with grace? Or how to identify what a dance floor lacks and then fill in the gaps?

With class clown (read: ‘bad student’) Banyan Gallagher, the motorcycle-racing, mustache-competing, fire-worshipping, yogi-prankster-clown, we’ll dabble in improvisation, slapstick, and stage presence, all in the interest of harmonizing ourselves with our environment…and, well, giggling a bit, too. Come Play!

Whiskey Tasting with Nilesh

Whiskey tasting. With. Nilesh. Really. Whiskey tasting with Nilesh. Rabbit suit.

Nature at Belden

Come visit the nature booth! Collect flowers and bugs, stick things in the mason jars, and have the Priceless Nature Man Josiah tell you what you’ve cut or caught. Or: visit first, and avoid picking poison oak. The booth will be set up all weekend, and Josiah will be there for set times so you can use it as a starting point for adventures into the wilderness.

InnerYoga with Dina

Dina Amsterdam, the founder of InnerYoga, a yoga & meditation teacher of 20 years, and a lover of rivers, woods, sun, and service will be guiding you on a journey of breath, sensation, mantra, and subtle body replenishing. This session is for anyone who wants to relax deeply, go in and in, and savor the luminous support that surrounds and infuses our bodies and being.

The Way of Tea

photo 1
The way of tea, using Gong Fu Cha. A tea ceremony is a unique journey in to the world of the divine. The tea is used as the gateway for connecting with this deeper quieter aspect of self.

The structure behind the ceremony is based around slowing everything down and tuning into the subtleties of life in a given moment. Join Tracy for a subtle and complex journey, filled with the richness of simplicity–leaves unraveling in water.

Tin Foil Hat Making

Hannah Beeeeeee
Are you feeling controlled? Get the feeling that your thoughts aren’t your own? Government mind machine keeping you down? Join Hannah Bee for a hat-making workshop so you’ll be ready to party when the mothership arrives.

Bad Unkl Sista “Studies in Stillness”

Bad Unkl Sista “Studies in Stillness” training draws from the threads of accumulated life experience to bring to the surface valuable core movement and emotional content. Our goal to reach into the depths of our life experience and to find shining threads that connect ourselves to the world we live in. With these threads, we seek to excavate and discover new experiences of communicating that do not rely on words but rather on a more primal and instinctive form of understanding. All are welcome, regardless of experience.

Bad Unkl Sista is a performance installation ensemble that fuses Butoh-inspired choreography, improvised music, couture costuming, and physical theater elements while producing site-specific experiences that seek to move each witness to a state of extraordinary and memorable being.

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