june 30 – july 3, 2017

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2012 Activities

Activities are an integral part of Priceless! If you are interested in leading an activity this year, please contact us at activities.priceless [at] false-profit.com


  • The Art, Etiquette, and Spirituality of Dance Floor Seduction – with Bannigan

  • This is a facilitated playshop that will explore the intricacies of dance floor interactions. Both the perspective of those who tend to initiate on the dance floor and those who tend to be approached will be detailed. We will work with specific techniques, group suggestions, demonstrations, and practice. A sample of some topics we may cover include matching energy, matching movement, eye contact, energy sensing, selective opening, clarity about what you are seeking, how to end a dance, and how to maintain your boundaries without having to use your elbows.

  • Hangin’ Upside Down & Beginning Handstands – with CelloJoe & Banyan

  • Warmup and focus on alignment exercises, some stretching, and the art of standing on your hands! Let us practice our handstands, headstands, shoulderstands, elbowstands, what-have-you-stands and get some blood flowing to our heads. Bring a yoga mat, towel, or blanket.

  • Creating Space Inside and Out with Kundalini Yoga and Mediation – with Sariah

  • Come and relieve yourself of old emotions, anger, frustration, and the energies that hold you back from being the best you can be and manifesting your dreams in to reality! In this class we will use the power of breath, sound, movement, intention, and visualization to create fresh vibrate space within yourself, making room for new experiences and opportunities to come in. In order to create space for new things, we must release and let go of the old! This class will be fun, intense, and powerful! Come ready to go deep and cleanse the mind, body, and spirit. Please bring a mat or blanket to sit on and an open mind and heart!

  • How We Move: A Practical Playshop – with Vytas SunSpiral

  • Combining theories of fascia-centric human physiology with insights from a decade of Robotics Research at NASA, this playshop will focus on moving and playing with our bodies in order to experience aspects of our bodies’ structure and control systems. Through motion the playshop aims to give participants a mapping between the feelings and sensations we experience and the underlying theory of how our bodies and minds generate motion. The ultimate goal is to unlock your own potential to play with and explore your body and its potential for joyful motion.
    Please wear lose clothing you can move easily in and bring a palm sized rock or other object that weighs a pound or two, yet can be easily held in your hand.

  • Contact Juggling – with Banyan

  • Ever wondered how David Bowie made those crystal balls float around in Labyrinth??? Contact juggling is the art of manipulating a sphere around your body WITHOUT it flying into the air. Come give it a try, you’ll never look at circles the same way again!

  • Knot Tie Today – with Calli

  • Come learn how to keep your camp from blowing away at burning man! or how to tie your floaties together for a group float in the river! Calli will be teaching a basic knot tying workshop that will include half hitch, square knot, clove hitch, truckers hitch, and cloth hitch.

  • Beatboxin’ Body Percussion Vocal Playshop – with CelloJoe

  • Enough of this computerized robot future bass music! Let’s make music with our mouths, our bodies, our souls! You don’t have to be an expert beatboxer or singer. If you can walk you can dance; if you can talk you can sing. Let’s get together, explore what our voices can do and make magic! Bring water.

  • Juggle Time – with Igor

  • Who doesn’t love balls flying all around ’em? I’m talking about juggling, and whether you’re one of the Ringling brothers or Mr. Butterfinger, you’re welcome here. Basic lesson if you need it, and a passing workshop for you more advanced types. Come play with us!

  • Tantric Vinyasa Yoga – with Banyan

  • Get out of your head and into your body for a deep and yet playful class with Banyan Gallagher, one of the most sincere, dedicated, and brilliantly mustached yogis you’ll ever meet! Banyan will have you laughing, sweating, and looking deep inside yourself in this energy-focused practice. Come post dance floor shenanigans or pre kale smoothie, your body and mind will thank you!

Nature Activities

  • Active Observation in the Natural World – with Josiah

  • Located in the species rich Sierra foothills nature explorations around Belden Town rarely disappoint. As we move through the landscape as a group we will practice the discipline of “Active Observation,” using the many eyes and ears of the group to inform our sense of place. We will take moments to pick out the songs in the morning and afternoon chorus, enjoying the diverse world of bird sound- a bio acoustic journey described by some as the sixth dimension.

  • Lichen and Bryophytes: the Indicators – with h.mes

  • Come along for a stroll through the Priceless kingdom where we will explore the lichen and bryophyte communities with respect to their role within the ecological habitat!

  • Tree Climbing – with CelloJoe

  • Remember when you were a kid and you used to climb trees? Well, let’s be kids again and climb some trees and watch the sunset! Conquer your fears. Wear clothes you can move in and that you are not concerned getting sappy.

  • Active Observation: Creatures in the Area – with Josiah

  • Practicing “Active Observation,” we will make special efforts to view many creatures of the area; swallowtail butterflies, fence lizards, aquatic insects, rainbow trout, and the feathered denizens of this tucked away refuge, including colorful species like Western Tanager, Lazuli Bunting, and Wilson’s Warbler. All are residents worth knowing in the transformative world of Belden Town, where we are the visitors.

Playtime Activities

  • Parlor Playtime – with Estephania

  • Come to the Forest Stage to learn and play two simple games guaranteed to induce hilarity with just a pen and paper.

  • Carnival Relay Games – with Liya

  • Come get silly with carnival inspired games as clown nose relay, clown car silly times, and more! Get silly for swimming!

  • Story Time – with Kona and Kai

  • Explore the realm of creative story telling through expression, character voices, community, and a traditional Gwich’in flare.

  • Fractal Art – with Liam

  • Come for a discussion about human perception, the intricacy of the world, and the complexity of beauty. Create your own fractal art using legal circles and explore the Kolmagorov complexity of rhythm. Perhaps your artwork will help to reveal something interesting about psychology, neurology and the nature of our perceived reality!

  • Joke Store – with Holly

  • This installation is about celebrating everyone’s inner clown. The booth will be equipped with a variety of written jokes from which people can choose. A range of types, styles, genres and will be both adult and kid-friendly.

  • Art Walk – with Doug and Dustin

  • Join two of Priceless’ lovable scoundrels for a sunset Art Walk. The pair will assemble and lead a posse on a one hour walking tour, getting insights from the artists themselves. Curious? Awesome? Join them!

Merit badges are awarded for the activities you participate in, and also for various acts of party and random that we might notice you doing. Earning Merit badges throughout the weekend is a cherished part of the Priceless experience. Collect them all!

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