june 30 – july 3, 2017

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2011 Activities

This year, there will be all sorts of activities that provide a break from the music, the opportunity to engage with others, and a space to let your brain and body play.

We are hosting a weekend-long, campground-wide, team Scavenger Hunt! Hone those sleuthing skills, and polish your magnifying glasses…


  • Active Listening with Bannigan McDade
  • Mindfulness Meditation with Shauna Shapiro
  • Knot-tying Skills with Calli Beck and Massive Bri
  • Fortunetelling for Fun and Profit with Anya Kamenetz


  • Acrobatics and Capoeira classes with Dana Jackson and Lindell Dixon
  • Partner Acro with Jen Colasuonno
  • Yoga with Alexandria Zayer
  • Tango and Swing dance lessons with Rebecca Sanders and Jefferson Howery

And Vytas Sunspiral will answer that burning question: “What Can the Study of Human and Robotic Motion Teach Us About Our Brains and Bodies?”

Merit badges are awarded for the activities you participate in, and also for various acts of party and random that we might notice you doing. Earning Merit badges throughout the weekend is a cherished part of the Priceless experience. Collect them all!

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