june 30 – july 3, 2017

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2015 Survey Results

We sent out this message to our FP Investors list (which includes most previous-year attendees) to understand what people loved — and didn’t love — about Priceless.

What’s up with Priceless 2015? OH NOES! Plumas County has rolled out new regulations and new permit requirements that affect all the festivals in Plumas. The cost of throwing an event at Belden just got a lot higher.

In case you don’t already know, Priceless has always been a 100% volunteer-run event. We set ticket prices to break even, not make a profit. And we strive to set those prices as low as possible while delivering as much music, art, and other fun stuff as we can manage. Since the beginning we’ve faced rising costs every year, and we’ve been able to carefully limit the increase in our ticket prices.

This year’s unavoidable bump in the cost of throwing the event makes this annual budget-balancing-act a lot more challenging. In our planning meetings, this has started a conversation about the trade-offs between the importance of affordability, the next-levelism we could create with more resources, and the amount of burn-out that our volunteers experience when they need to stretch every dollar a heroic amount.

We have a lot of ideas, but the missing input to the conversation is you. We think that the tenth Priceless is a great time to zoom out, and make sure that event we’re throwing is aligned with what the community wants today.

To that end, we ask that you please take 3 minutes to answer a brief questionnaire about what you’ve loved most about Priceless and what you’d change. We’d really love to get your feedback!

We were overjoyed to find that nearly 300 people took the time to carefully put their thoughts down, and we wanted to share the aggregated results, which you can see below. Just click to see larger versions of each section.






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